Here’s What’s Happened To The Cast Of Our Gang – Over Seven Decades Since The Comedy Series Ended

Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Our Gang series of short comedy films achieved two things that the U.S. movie industry had never attempted before. First of all, the films, which were made from 1922 to 1944, presented kids behaving “normally” instead of like adults. Secondly, they showed black children playing alongside white kids – a big deal at the time.

Because of these factors – and because they were genuinely funny – the Hal Roach-produced Our Gang shorts are still remembered today, some 70-plus years down the line. But what happened to its small cast of tiny actors, who were sometimes known as the Little Rascals?

Images: via Alchetron / via Youtube/Nicholas Sosin

20. Jean Darling (1922-2015)


Jean Darling was just four years old when she started appearing in the Our Gang series and eventually completed 52 films, six of which were “talkies.” The California girl grew up to be a writer and a journalist – and one happy to chat about her childhood acting days too. Darling even did a Reddit AMA – or Ask Me Anything – session for inquisitive fans in 2014. Sadly, however, she died the following year at the grand old age of 93.