19 Celebrities You Never Knew Are Twins

Linda Hamilton Leslie Twins Lead ImageImage: via Celebrity Toob

While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, for example, have both had long and successful careers in Hollywood, most sets of twins can’t boast of such equal celebrity. In fact, often just one of a pair of twins has gone on to fame and fortune; the other, meanwhile, will usually live a perfectly normal life, free from being exposed to the paparazzi’s flashbulbs unless they’re seen out and about with their better-known sibling. Indeed, they often go so incognito that we bet you didn’t even know the following famous folks had twins in the first place…


19. Ashton and Michael Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has admitted to considering sacrificing his own life to save that of his twin brother, Michael. That was when the actor was just 13 years old and feeling the strain that his brother’s cardiomyopathy had caused on his family. Fortunately, though, Michael received a heart transplant before Ashton went through with his idea of jumping from a building.

Kiefer Sutherland Rachel TwinsImage: via Moviepilot

18. Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

Like dad Donald, Kiefer Sutherland followed his dad to Hollywood. Not many people know, however, that the 24 star’s twin sister did as well: Rachel Sutherland is more likely to be found on the other side of the camera as a post-production supervisor for TV series and small-screen movies.


17. Judy and Joselin Reyes

When Scrubs cast Carla Espinosa’s sister Gabriella, it seems as if the show didn’t look that far away from its main cast for someone to play her. Nor did they have to, as Carla actress Judy Reyes has a twin sister whose small-screen credits include a stint on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, making Joselin Reyes seemingly the obvious choice to join her more famous sibling on screen.


16. Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi

Both Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi have had the honor of appearing in Friends, even if, in Marissa’s case, it was only for one episode. And although her screen resume isn’t as lengthy as her Ted star brother’s, it still includes the acclaimed likes of Dazed and Confused and Pleasantville. Oh, and Marissa is married to the musician Beck as well, which makes us wonder if Giovanni tries to stay on her good side in order to get gig tickets.

15. Jon and Dan Heder

Of Jon Heder’s five siblings, it was twin brother Dan who appeared with the actor in an episode of martial-arts movie spoof show Sockbaby. And, given that the pair are identical, Dan could probably have slipped into Jon’s place during Napoleon Dynamite’s filming and never have been found out.


14. Eva and Joy Green

Eva Green has admitted that her twin sister Joy is “very different” to her. On the surface, at least, that difference includes hair color – that is, unless you didn’t know that the Casino Royale actress dyes her hair black and that she naturally has blonde locks just like her sibling.

13. Isabella and Isotta Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini, of course, chose to follow in the footsteps of her acting legend mother, Ingrid Bergman, and has since taken on starring roles in the likes of David Lynch’s cult classic Blue Velvet. Her twin sister Isotta, meanwhile, is more at home with books; she possesses a Ph.D. in Italian literature and has taught at prestigious colleges such as Columbia and Harvard.


Ryan Howard Corey TwinsImage: via CSNPhilly.com


12. Ryan and Corey Howard

Perhaps only the keenest Philadelphia Phillies fans will know that first baseman Ryan Howard has a fraternal twin brother called Corey. They might even only know that after it emerged in 2014 that Corey had sued Ryan for $2m in a breach of contract case – a sad state of affairs, for sure, as the brothers were once very close.

Linda Hamilton Leslie TwinsImage: via Terminator Wiki

11. Linda and Leslie Hamilton

If you’ve seen Terminator 2, you’ve seen Linda Hamilton’s twin sister Leslie, even if you might not have realized it at the time. That’s because Leslie plays the fake Sarah Connor in the scene where the T-1000 takes on Connor’s form – a neat piece of casting, then, that eliminated any need for special effects or body doubles of Linda.


10. Laverne Cox and M Lamar

The Orange is the New Black production team apparently didn’t believe that Laverne Cox could convincingly play her character Sophia pre-transition. Instead, Cox’s twin brother M Lamar ably stepped into the breach, taking time out from his composing work to do so.

9. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

If Hunter Johansson’s name sounds familiar, then it may be because you’ve seen it in the credits of 1996 dramedy Manny & Lo. These days, however, he’s more likely to be found in the corridors of power working on political campaigns – and instead leaves the acting to his considerably starrier twin sister Scarlett.


8. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

Vin Diesel’s twin brother Paul Vincent seemingly shies away from the spotlight so much that, for a while, fans had virtually no clue what he looks like. That mystery was resolved in March 2014 when the Fast and the Furious actor paid tribute to the “two Pauls” in his life on Facebook, by posting a snapshot of his sibling and his late co-star Paul Walker together.

Nicholas Brendon Kelly TwinsImage: via Your Daily Dish

7. Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan

It’s only really the most passionate Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans that know that Xander actor Nicholas Brendon has an identical twin – and that whenever the script called for a Xander double, brother Kelly Donovan stepped in to play him. Kelly still does acting and stunt work and, by all accounts, has thankfully avoided the run-ins with the law that Nicholas has suffered.


Savi Kaneswaran Kumar TwinsImage: via Explosion.com


6. Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran

As if one Siva Kaneswaran weren’t enough for The Wanted fans to handle, it turns out that there are actually two on the planet. Well, not quite, although the boy band heartthrob does have a remarkably similar-looking twin in brother Kumar, who has also done some acting and modeling in his time.

5. Jerry and Terry Hall

Jerry Hall and her twin sister Terry were given male names by a father who wanted boys instead. Very few pictures of Terry exist now, but old images show that she was just as pretty as her sister in her heyday and could probably have become a jet-setting model as well, rather than going into real estate.


4. Aaron and Angel Carter

When it comes to Aaron Carter’s siblings, everyone knows of older bro Nick – but we bet you didn’t know of twin sister Angel. She’s a model by trade and, rather adorably, was given away by Aaron at her 2014 wedding.

3. Joseph and Jacob Fiennes

Jacob Fiennes likely feels more at home walking on green grass than on a red carpet. In fact, unlike twin brother Joseph and older sibling Ralph, he’s eschewed the trappings of showbiz to instead work as a gamekeeper for a vast country house estate in England. Still, doesn’t sound like a bad life, right?


Rami Malek Sami TwinsImage: via Reddit


2. Rami and Sami Malek

On a 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mr. Robot star Rami Malek related how he and identical twin brother Sami used to pretend to be one another in school, all in a bid to cheat in class. We’re hoping that Sami doesn’t tolerate such shenanigans now, seeing as he’s grown up to become a middle school English teacher in LA.

Gisele Bundchen Patricia TwinsImage: via Zimbio

1. Gisele and Patricia Bündchen

Patricia Bündchen once did a spot of modeling herself but never reached the level of fame or success as her twin sister Gisele. Still, envy hasn’t driven the pair apart – to the contrary, in fact, as Patricia actually masterminds Gisele’s every career move as her manager, as well as acting as her sibling’s official spokesperson.