40 Celebrities Who Were Totally Starstruck When They Met Their Idols

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You’d think that today’s A-listers would be entirely accustomed to rubbing shoulders with other celebrities of their ilk. However, most famous faces still have that one idol that instantly turns them into a starstruck fanboy/fangirl whenever they’re lucky enough to be graced with their presence. From Oscar winners to Billboard chart-toppers, here are 40 familiar faces who failed to play it cool when they met their showbiz heroes.

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40. Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish might not need any tips from Justin Bieber on how to make the move from teen star to credible artist. Indeed, the teenager is already a critical darling – but that didn’t stop her from being starstruck when she met the Canadian during her time at the 2019 Coachella Festival. And the admiration appeared to be mutual. Bieber later uploaded a photo to Instagram of their meeting which was captioned, “So this happened… Long and bright future ahead of you.”

Image: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

39. Sarah Paulson and Rihanna

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Paulson revealed that she couldn’t contain herself when she first met one of her fellow Ocean’s 8 cast members. She told the host, “I wish I’d worn a diaper when I met her cause I sort of [peed]. Just like a tiny little.” But it wasn’t Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett or Helena Bonham Carter that got the American Horror Story MVP all excited. No, it was the chart-topping superstar, Rihanna.

Image: YouTube/Bee Ly TV

38. Cardi B and Bono

You might not expect one of the hip-hop scene’s leading ladies to be a super fan of stadium rock giants U2. But Cardi B was left in a state of disbelief after receiving a personal note from the band’s lead singer Bono at the Grammys in 2018. The rapper exclaimed, “My god, I got a f****** note from Bono. He knows me. Nobody talk to me now.”

Image: YouTube/E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

37. Olivia Munn and Oprah Winfrey


Of course, celebs don’t always meet their heroes in particularly glamorous surroundings. Actress Olivia Munn told E! News on the Screen Actors Guild Awards’ red carpet in 2018 that she first encountered Oprah Winfrey at the Soho House bathroom. Not that the former model was too fussed about where she bumped into the national treasure. Following a brief chat about full moons, Munn used the opportune moment to tell Oprah in no uncertain terms that she loved her.

Image: YouTube/Access

36. Kelly Clarkson and Meryl Streep

Viewers of E!’s red carpet coverage of the Golden Globes saw Kelly Clarkson’s fangirling moment unfold in real time. The original American Idol had just finished her chat with Ryan Seacrest when she spotted acting royalty Meryl Streep just yards away from her. After Seacrest introduced the pair, Clarkson asked the actress, “Can I meet you? I’ve adored you since I was like eight.”

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35. Anthony Anderson and Halle Berry


It’s unclear whether Anthony Anderson did actually meet Halle Berry on a New York flight to L.A. But he ensured he had plenty of evidence that he was sat right behind the Academy Award winner. The Black-ish star told People, “I remember just staring at the back of her head like, ‘Damn, the back of this woman’s head is fine.’ I even took pictures, and I was going to post them but I didn’t want to seem like a stalker.”

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34. Meghan Trainor and Hilary Duff

This one may make you feel slightly old. Hilary Duff was one of the first Disney Channel tween queens back in the ‘00s as the star of Lizzie McGuire. And one of its most avid viewers was a future Grammy winner. Yes, Meghan Trainor once revealed that she freaked out when she first bumped into Duff. Yet she still managed to compose herself enough to enjoy a sing-along of her signature hit, “All About That Bass” with her childhood idol.

Image: Billboard

33. Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran


Camila Cabello is such a fan of Ed Sheeran that she once framed a tweet that he’d addressed to her former band. The world-conquering singer-songwriter showed his appreciation on the social media platform after listening to Fifth Harmony’s cover of his hit single, “Lego House.” And Cabello later got to meet him in person at the MTV Video Music Awards. Unsurprisingly, the situation overwhelmed her slightly and she subsequently burst into tears after running into a nearby bathroom.

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

32. Adam Scott and Mark Hamill

This may be the geekiest celebrity meeting on the list but it’s also one of the most endearing. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott revealed that he’d been such a lifelong fan of Mark Hamill that he’d asked him to attend his birthday party aged just two. Sadly, the Star Wars icon did not RSVP on that occasion. But he made amends decades later when he unexpectedly walked on to the late-night show’s set.

Image: YouTube/Selena Gomez

31. Selena Gomez and Shia LaBeouf


Back in 2011 Selena Gomez was best known for being the leading lady in Wizards of Waverly Place. And it turns out her childhood crush was a man who also found fame on a Disney Channel sitcom. Yes, Even Stevens star Shia LaBeouf had the double threat lost for words when they met for the first time. Although Gomez did at least manage to inform LaBeouf that she admired him during their encounter.

Image: Instagram/nickiminaj

30. Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill

“I’m in love with your spirit, your mind, everything about you,” Nicki Minaj told Lauryn Hill during their first meeting in 2016. However, the ex-Fugees star appeared to appreciate her genuine enthusiasm and subsequently hugged the “Super Bass” singer. Minaj later described the encounter as an out-of-body experience when she shared footage of the pair on Instagram.

Image: ABC via Daily Mail

29. Diane Kruger and Don Johnson


Don Johnson may be best known for 1980s cop classic Miami Vice. But it’s his brief singing career that appears to have enamored Diane Kruger the most. Indeed, the star told Jimmy Kimmel that she tipsily couldn’t stop talking about his music when they met. She said, “I’m like… ‘I have your song. I love you for your song and I have it on my phone. And here, it’s on my phone! I’ll play it for you.’”

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

28. Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian

From Jack Nicholson to Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Lawrence has fangirled over numerous celebrities since her rise to fame. But it’s not just Academy Award-winning actors that the Hunger Games star admires. Indeed, reality TV icon Kim Kardashian once told The Sun, “I was in NYC and I ran into Jennifer Lawrence. We said, ‘Hi’ and walked into the elevator and just as the doors were closing she screamed across the lobby, ‘I love your show!’”

Image: Instagram/annakendrick47

27. Anna Kendrick and Beyoncé


For her part, Anna Kendrick described herself as “#PatheticFanGirloftheYear” on Twitter after meeting her idol Beyoncé. The Oscar nominee had initially been too intimidated to approach her idol when she first found herself in the same space as the ex-Destiny’s Child singer. But she eventually plucked up during the courage at another event. Kendrick then told her Twitter followers, “Guys, it happened. I met Beyoncé. And she is an angel, and I am not worthy. And I will never stop shaking.”

Image: YouTube/Associated Press

26. Anne Hathaway and Mariah Carey

“It’s just the best glamorous ever.” Anne Hathaway admitted that she was struggling with her grasp of the English language after spotting Mariah Carey just two arms lengthy away on the red carpet. Hathaway, who was gracing The Intern’s New York premiere at the time, was then encouraged by one particular reporter to introduce herself to the pop diva. But the actress insisted, “No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine. I’m gonna meet her when the time is right.”

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25. Emma Watson and Celine Dion


For her part, Emma Watson has been rubbing shoulders with A-listers since she was 11 years old. But the Harry Potter star was still left awestruck when she met Celine Dion at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. The actress told Jimmy Kimmel, “You have to understand, my parents do not really understand, like, celebrities or Hollywood or whatever else, but my mom and I used to play Céline Dion in the car, like, nonstop. Being able to tell [my mother] that I met her I was like, ‘She’s gonna lose it. She’s gonna know who Céline Dion is.’”

Image: YouTube/2DayFMSydney

24. Emma Stone and Spice Girls

Emma Stone is fast becoming just as renowned for her unequivocal love of the Spice Girls as she is her Oscar-winning film career. The La La Land star has fangirled over the 1990s pop phenomenon on several occasions, including the moment when Mel B sent her a personal message during the promo tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The author confessed at the time, “Oh my God, I’m so excited. I’m legitimately crying. I’m the biggest Spice Girls fan ever.”

Image: Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

23. Ariana Grande and Jim Carrey


Here’s one that comes as a bit of a surprise. Indeed, you may expect someone like Mariah or Britney to be Ariana Grande’s childhood idol. But it turns out that the chart-topper was once completely head over heels for rubber-faced comedian Jim Carrey. And Grande told Live with Kelly and Michael that she couldn’t hide her emotions when she finally met the star. She gushed, “He was so over-the-top nice, and perfect, and just as I hoped he’d be.”

Image: YouTube/TheEllenShow

22. Channing Tatum and Simone Biles

Channing Tatum may have been playing the fame game for much longer than gymnast Simone Biles. But it was the Hollywood actor who was left completely starstruck when the pair first met on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show. The Magic Mike star told the host that he and then-wife Jenna had been avid viewers of her Olympic achievements. He also predicted, “I’m gonna freak out. I’m gonna freak out more [than her], I bet.”

Image: YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

21. Paris Jackson and Alice Cooper


As the King of Pop’s daughter, you’d expect Paris Jackson to be used to meeting the rich and famous. However, there’s still one star who’s capable of reducing her to a quivering wreck. And surprisingly, it’s shock rocker Alice Cooper. Discussing the meeting on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Jackson said, “I was like, ‘I love you so much. I’ve always listened to you. I grew up loving you.’ I was close to tears.”

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

20. Eddie Redmayne and Julia Roberts

It’s perhaps understandable that Eddie Redmayne would be left more starstruck by Julia Roberts than most other celebs. Indeed, the Oscar winner used to watch Pretty Woman alongside his father from a formative young age. And when Redmayne was awarded Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards by Roberts herself, there was only one thing on his mind. He couldn’t wait to tell his dad.

Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

19. Taylor Swift and Madonna


Taylor Swift famously spent much of her 1989 world tour bringing out various A-list celebrities on to the stage. But it was her duet partner at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2015 that left her in full-on fangirl mode. Indeed, after performing alongside none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna, Swift took to Instagram. And there, she declared, “I might be okay, but I’m NOT FINE AT ALL.”

Image: Instagram/emilia_clarke

18. Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc

It’s hard to imagine Daenerys Targaren ever acting like an overexcitable teenager. But that’s exactly how the lady who plays her, Emilia Clarke, reacted to meeting Friends star Matt LeBlanc on The Graham Norton Show in 2014. The Game of Thrones actress uploaded a photo of the pair to Instagram awash with Friends-inspired hashtags and the caption, “Bucket list accomplishment already underway with this gem…”

Image: Twitter/Jessica Derschowitz

17. Sasha Obama and Ryan Reynolds


Barack and Michelle Obama’s two daughters went viral in 2008 thanks to their adorable antics at the White House’s Canada State Dinner. Indeed, one particular photo saw Sasha Obama engaging in chat with her Hollywood crush Ryan Reynolds. But it was sister Malia giving the supportive thumbs up in the background that made the image so endearing.

Image: Instagram/emmaroberts

16. Emma Roberts and One Direction

There are millions of One Directioners out there, but Emma Roberts may well be the most famous. The Scream Queens star’s Instagram page is filled with selfies taken alongside various One Direction members. And during a televised chat with Chelsea Handler, the actress admitted the boyband also dominate her conversation, too. She said, “Literally, my little sister and I talk about One Direction all day. I’m scared if someone ever saw my phone, I’m like ‘delete this message!’”

Image: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

15. Pink and Johnny Depp


For his part, Jimmy Kimmel sure knows how to fluster his guests. Indeed, during an appearance on his late night show, Pink revealed that she has a major crush on Johnny Depp and once embarrassed herself in front of the actor when they bumped into each other at a record store. Cue the Edward Scissorhands star walking out on to the set to give Pink a second chance to play it cool.

Image: Twitter/AJ McLean

14. AJ McLean and Shania Twain

Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean couldn’t stop gushing about Shania Twain when the star came to watch his boyband in action. The singer tweeted a photo of the pair with the message, “I absolutely adore this woman right here. She’s been a huge inspiration to me and many others. This right here is the definition or a strong woman! Still making music for the masses and touring and loving every minute of it.”

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner

13. Millie Bobby Brown and Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning shot to fame at the tender age of seven in I Am Sam before landing roles in the likes of Uptown Girls, Man on Fire and War of the Worlds. And the actress’ early career appears to have been a major influence on another young celeb, Millie Bobby Brown. Indeed, the Stranger Things star couldn’t hide her delight when she met Fanning on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2018.

Image: Instagram/virginradiomontreal

12. Ellie Goulding and Justin Trudeau

Of course, it’s not just singers and actors that get celebs all hot under the collar. For his part, Justin Trudeau has become something of a worldwide heartthrob since becoming Canadian Prime Minister. And vocalist Ellie Goulding expressed her admiration for the political figure after meeting him at the Global Citizen Festival backstage. She uploaded a photo of the pair which was captioned, “Hanging out with one of my heroes.”

Image: Instagram/jacobtremblay

11. Jacob Tremblay and Wayne Gretzky


“Every Canadian boy’s hero” is how Jacob Tremblay described Wayne Gretzky after meeting the iconic Canadian hockey player. Of course, The Great One may well have been just as impressed with the youngster. Indeed, Tremblay won a Critics’ Choice Movie Award and received an SAG nomination before the age of ten, thanks to his mesmerizing performance in Room.

Image: Instagram/liampayne

10. Liam Payne and Giorgio Armani

Liam Payne continued to distance himself from his teen idol past when he modeled for Giorgio Armani at a Spring/Summer Fashion Week show in 2018. And the former One Direction star expressed his gratitude for the opportunity when he uploaded a photo featuring him alongside the designer on Twitter. Payne captioned the image, “It’s very rare you meet someone you admire but who’s also warm-hearted and engaging. It was an incredible honour to meet [Armani].”

Image: Instagram/jennadewan

9. Jenna Dewan Tatum and Paula Abdul


Jenna Dewan Tatum got to fulfill one of her childhood fantasies when she performed alongside Paula Abdul on her hit show, Lip Sync Battle. The “Straight Up” singer had been a major influence on the host growing up and ultimately inspired her to pursue a career in showbiz. Following their rendition of “Cold Hearted Snake” together, Tatum posted an Instagram photo of the pair captioned, “Heart be still [Abdul], you killed it tonight!!!! Love you, thank you!!”

Image: Twitter/Jada Pinkett Smith

8. Jada Pinkett Smith and Reba McEntire

Jada Pinkett Smith once fronted a heavy metal outfit and is married to a hip-pop legend. But it turns out that she’s also quite fond of country music, too. While attending the CMT Music Awards, the Gotham actress bumped into Nashville icon Reba McEntire on the red carpet. And she tweeted a photo of the pair that was captioned, “Me with a legend.”

Image: Instagram/hereisgina

7. Gina Rodriguez and Brad Pitt


Celebrities don’t come much bigger or more lusted after than Brad Pitt. So you can’t blame Gina Rodriguez for flashing a smile as wide as the ocean when she met the actor on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. However, the Jane the Virgin star still tried to play it cool when she captioned a photo of the pair, “Prom Pic with Brad Pitt. No biggie.”

Image: Twitter/Kobe Bryant

6. Kobe Bryant and George R. R Martin

In 2018 Kobe Bryant reflected on his career in memoir The Mamba Mentality: How I Play. And turns out that the basketball legend was inspired by an unlikely source when it came to writing it, Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin. After meeting the fantasy writer, the sportsman tweeted an image of the pair captioned, “Learning about the art of story from one of my muses today…”

Image: YouTube/The Hollywood Reporter

5. Jessica Chastain and Isabelle Huppert


Jessica Chastain has discussed her favorite actress so much that even the lady in question got bored of the subject. The Zero Dark Thirty star told The Hollywood Reporter she’s been a massive fan of Isabelle Huppert for years and finally got the chance to meet her at Cannes in 2011. She said, “When I said to her, ‘Oh, I love you. You’re my favorite actress,’ she goes, ‘I know.’ Because that’s how much I was talking about it.”

Image: Instagram/sophiet

4. Sophie Turner and Ryan Gosling

Sophie Turner may now be married to the middle Jonas brother. But the Game of Thrones actress once had her eyes set on another pin-up, La La Land star Ryan Gosling. A wide-eyed and open-mouthed Turner showed her excitement at spotting the actor by posting a candid photo at the SAG Awards in 2016. And she cheekily captioned it, “Sorry boys, I’m off the market.”

Image: Instagram/kaleycuoco

3. Kaley Cuoco and the Friends cast


Kaley Cuoco may be the leading lady in one of this decade’s biggest sitcoms. But The Big Bang Theory star still got all excited when she met the cast of another TV comedy that once dominated the ratings. Indeed, she joked that she’d died and gone to heaven after meeting all the Friends stars – minus Matthew Perry – at a gala event honoring Jim Burrows, a director who had worked on both shows.

Image: Instagram/bellathorne

2. Bella Thorne and Zooey Deschanel

Actress and model Bella Thorne struggled to hide her pure joy at meeting one of her heroes at a Women in TV event organized by Elle magazine. The Disney Channel graduate freely admitted that she was fangirling over New Girl star Zoeey Deschanel in a tweet before adding, “OMG @ZooeyDeschanel is following me… she’s the funniest gal on TV and I’m like in love with her!”

Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

1. Adele and Jennifer Aniston


Anyone who grew up watching Friends will be able to relate to Adele’s faux-pas when meeting Jennifer Aniston in a New York bathroom. During a 2014 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the record industry savior recalled how she addressed the actress by her character’s name. Adele said, “Through the cubicle, she was like, ‘How are you, honey?’ And I just called her Rachel! I was like, ‘Fine, thank you, Rachel!’”