The Longer a Man’s Ring Finger the Better Endowed He Is Study Finds

There have been a lot of old wives’ tales about penis length, or how to tell the size of someone’s penis, but now we have a proven way to give us at least a good idea if it is a long penis or not. A new study conducted by researchers in the Asian Journal of Andrology (July 4) shows that men with mismatched index and ring fingers have a longer stretched penis size than those with matching fingers. Women are known to have nearly identical index and ring finger ratios.

PenisPhoto: Sundve

Now this is a lot more important than some knowing looks, it can give physicians a way to tell at a glance how much testosterone in the womb a man may have been exposed to. “‘Hotness’ aside, the value of digit ratio research for the biomedical scientist or clinician may come from the predictive abilities and risk-assessment qualities of the measurement for clinical conditions,” wrote Denise Brooks McQuade, a Skidmore College biologist.

In other words, risk of prostate cancer and other conditions might be identified more quickly and also prove useful in research.

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