Pregnant Man an April Fool’s Day Gag?

The news broke last week– a man in the United States was pregnant, and had passed his story on to the press, before leaving on holiday to go to Hawaii. He seemed sincere–using the moment to discuss gay rights– but the Daily Mirror is asking if this is all a hoax.

2006148886172336852_rs.jpgImage from ariffjrs on Flickr

Of course, nobody is disputing the essential facts of the case– that Thomas Lagondino, born Tracy, retained his childbearing capacity after undergoing a series of operations to bring his physical condition in line with his mental reality– but Fox News, arbiter of balance and truth, has let its gaze linger on the day a confidentiality clause ends: tomorrow, April first.

While I certainly have to doubt Fox’s intentions– are they only paying attention to this so they don’t have to report about the increased violence in Iraq? Are they happy to bring doubt upon someone who has openly advocated for gay marriage? The surge is working, America!–that is a remarkable coincidence, especially considering that Oprah is rumored to have made a seven-figure offer for exclusive interview rights with the couple (Thomas is married).

For what it’s worth, a neighbor close to the situation, as well as the gay magazine The Advocate, both confirm that the baby is very real.