World’s First Double Arm Transplant

A farmer who lost both arms in an accident six years ago has undergone a double arm transplant in Germany.

Prosthetic armsImage by: US Army photographer, Walter Reed

Five teams of surgeons took 15 hours to attach the two new appendages at a clinic in Munich last month. Both arms were removed from the 19 year-old donor patient at exactly the same point matching the recipient’s arm stumps and after some awesome handy work the new arms soon took on a lovely rosy glow. However, it could take up to two years before the 54 year-old patient is able to use his new hands as the nerves still need to grow.

His doctor said, “He won’t play the piano but otherwise he will live much better than before.”

Guess he can finally enjoy the joke: Where are the Andies? … on the end of your armies. Boom, boom!