30 Objects Swallowed by Lava and Pyroclastic Ash

Soufriere Hills, Monserrat

There must be few things more frightening than being caught up in the deadly path of an all-absorbing lava flow. Imagine the intense heat, being spattered with skin-scalding magma that’s erupting from the depths beneath or being covered in blistering hot ash spewed forth from the gaping mouth of the giant fiery furnace.

We’ve unearthed some fascinating images of the devastation and destruction caused by the devouring nature of eruptive volcanoes. We hope you’ll agree they make for compulsive viewing.

Landscapes Devoured by Lava

1. School bus is devoured by lava flow, we’re hoping it was empty at the time.

school bus caught in lavaunknown

2. Molten lava etches a path across a busy road, and no one seems too bothered!

3. House in Kupaianaha, Hawaii, engulfed in flames after cataclysmic volcano

4. Wooden house standing strong in the path of lava flow, Kalapana, Hawaii

house being submerged in lavaUS Government

5. This house was carried down the mountain side after Mount Etna eruption

house in etna devoured by lavaunknown

6. Car buried in ash and lava after 1980 Mount St Helens eruption, Washington

car covered in ashDanial Dzurisin

7. People still live inside this half submerged house in Nord-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

8. Trees find new life from layers of lava hundreds and thousands of years old

9. Road sign on Chain of Craters Road, Hawaii. The word ‘danger’ on the corner of the sign was burned off in a previous lava flow; get the message?

10. Stalactites hanging on for dear life in the face of a lava pool

lava and stalactitesUS Geological Survey

Objects Engulfed in Pyroclastic Ash

1. House buried under pyroclastic ash falls after eruption of Mount Unzen, Nagasaki

2. The face of a lava flow between fish factories on Heimaey Street, Iceland

lava flow in streets, icelandUS Geological Survey

3. Heimaey Street after the lava is cleared away

streets after lava flow clearedUS Geological Survey

4. Cars covered in ash fall following the Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines

Mt Pinotubo, PhilippinesUS Geological Survey

5. Church in Dagenham, Plymouth after volcano eruption of ‘98
Plymouth after volcano eruption '98unknown

6. Nowhere is safe – Glendon Hospital, Plymouth after same volcano erupted

Glendon Hosptial, Plymouthunknown

7. Even for politicians; the Council Chambers in Dagenham were buried in ash to the first floor

Council Chambers, Plymouthunknown

8. Ancient female corpse buried in pyroclastic fall out

Mummified corpseunknown

9. Residents of Pompeii forever mummified by pyrocalstic ash fall, frozen in time

Mummies of Pompeiiunknown

10. Darkened view from Soufriere Hills during the day after devasting eruption in Monserrat

Soufriere HillsUS Geological Survey

Lava Eating Roads

1. If the sign won’t stop drivers in their tracks that big lump of lava in the road certainly will.

2. No stop sign required on this lava covered road, Hawaii

3. Lava flow provides platform for perfect picture poses in Oahu, Hawaii

4. Forboding lava flow crawls ever onwards in Pahoehoe, Hawaii

5. Are there any roads not covered in lava in Hawaii?

6. Bonito lava flow at Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona

7. Massive lava beds surrounding a sturdy pine forest in Lassen, California

lava beds, Lassen, Californiaunkown

8. The perfect spot for a picnic, Leirhnjúkur, Iceland

9. Lava streaming into the ocean in Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

volcanes natioanl park, hawaii

10. Lava flow being swallowed and cooled by the waves, Hawaii