Is this the Real Jack Frost? [PICS]

Jack FrostPhoto:
Images by Jeremy Olden

It looks as if Jack Frost is getting brave. This icicle hanging from a house in Lake Stevens, Washington bares an uncanny resemblance to a face, could it be the infamous ice sprite’s calling card?

The eyes, nose and lips are clearly defined in this frozen spectacle, but who says if Master Frost was to appear to us that he would be in human form? After all, he is meant to be an elf or pixie of some sort.

ice manPhoto:

Hailing from Viking folklore, Jack Frost is thought to be the anglified version of Jokul Frosti, meaning ‘icicle frost’. The mythical creature dances at night decorating the land with intricate ice patterns and icicles, some of which we featured recently in 10 Abstract Masterpieces of Frost.

Source Komo News via Telegraph