The Ozone Hole Is On Ebay?
Image from Ebay

Ebay has had a lot of strange items on it over the years–I’ve seen a man’s soul in a jar, the rights to tattoo an ad on somebody’s forehead, even a creepily nondescript posting labeled “my virginity.” This however, might be both the strangest abstract item I’ve seen and an item that has a tangible return: buying the ozone hole online will make you the sponsor of for one year.

The Ozone Hole website provides information on the state of the gaping wound in our atmosphere at all times and updates daily; a seemingly Sisyphean task that requires the integration of data from NASA, the European Space Agency, the British Antarctic Survey, and Environment Canada.

This makes one of the most accessible, simple, complete sources of information available on the disaster forming at our southernmost pole. In recognition of that fact, over 2.3 million people visited the site last year–from all 50 American states and 197 countries.

For ten thousand dollars, you can buy the rights to the ozone hole – nobody else has claimed it, except for the of course. Anyway, when I last looked there weren’t any bids. It turns out I don’t think anybody wants the thing after all.