Why We Need To Fight Climate Change Now

TreePhoto: eschipul

Carbon offsetting sounds good but the results are hard to measure. The whole world’s population feels the effects of global warming, but only a small percentage of the population does anything to reduce the impact it has on our global society. A few well-known personalities participate in offsetting programs and their efforts stimulate group participation by others. These groups understand the issue and want to help reduce carbon emissions, but most offsetting programs are long term solutions to an immediate problem.

Offsetting programs like planting trees and joining free air programs that help reduce carbon emissions from airplanes, cars, and other means of transportation are a good start, but the short term effects received from these programs are hard to measure and usually go unnoticed which is somewhat depressing in terms of continued participation.

Installing solar panels and using hybrid cars are small offset steps because the resources and energy used to produce them leave a deep carbon footprint. There are simple steps that make more sense and they reduce your own carbon footprint now:

By taking simple steps like these we can ensure that real change takes place.