Wild Weather – Wet in England, Sizzling in the Continent

The weather has officially gone crazy. Everywhere. In Gloucester, where they had a month’s worth of rain in an hour. In Beverly, where the same thing happened a few weeks ago. In Hungary, where 500 have died from heatstroke. And in Greece, where hundreds of fire-fighters are struggling to control raging forest fires.

Wild Weather, Wet In England, Sizzling on the Continent by Environmental Graffiti blog

Europe is already experiencing their second heat wave of the summer. Record temperatures in June left hundreds hospitalised in Greece. Now, temperatures in the Mediterranean have been topping 40° C for weeks.

It was reported today that two men died attempting to pump out flood water in Tewksbury yesterday. Waters are also still rising in the Thames, and it predicted that many of London’s satellite towns may still succumb to flooding.

And guess what? It is down to climate change. There has been a marked increase in extreme weather, and it correlates with increasing temperatures and greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. Even the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has publicly acknowledged that global warming contributed to the flooding this month.

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