15 Incredible Images of Prehistoric Creatures Trapped in Amber

Amber InclusionsPhoto: Anders DaamgaardBaltic amber ball – very rare Cerambycidae – body 6 mm

Over a hundred million years ago, tree resin dripped from the trees in a forest. As it dripped and fell to the ground, it covered some insects as they went about their daily life. Not even the dinosaurs roamed then; we have to wonder what the insects saw, what was life like on earth at the time? And we can get a little hint because the insects or “inclusions” be it debris or a rare flower to a spider and its prey are frozen forever in time, trapped in amber.

We also have something very special for you, only the second snail ever found in Burma Amber and we are the ones showing it to the world. It has not been published until now.

Amber InclusionsPhoto: © Anders Leth DamgaardBurma Myanmar (99-110 MYO) – snail (extremely rare)


This snail is extremely rare. Before this find, there was only one other Burma snail in the world, this makes the second. Anders Damgaard took a perfect photograph to let us share this amazing discovery with you, the only people to have seen it since the T. Rex.

As you can see, the snail looks as if it has a lot of iridescence in its shell. Perfectly preserved, we wonder what it ate and if it was terrestial or an aqua snail that got washed up as the waters shifted? How amazing to look at something never before seen for 100 million years.