Russians Are Controlling Computers With Their Minds
Image from sofauxboho

Pravda is reporting that a federal university is using a significant grant to explore the possibility of controlling computers by merely thinking what you want the machine to do. A series of electrodes worn on your head would detect the location and intensity of activity in your brain, and ascertain your intentions: writing emails, sending IMs, and the like. Of course, there’s a dark side to this sort of research, too…

It appears that the Russian government is in such a hurry to unravel the secrets of the mind because they’re learning how to weapon-ize the technology.

They are developing (I’m not kidding at all here) a weapon that will turn enemy soldiers into human zombies. Yes, Zombies. This is part of a comprehensive program to create weapons that make soldiers think they’re going crazy, or actually drive them there – EMPs stimulating dangerous levels of neural activity, make you hear voices, or other assorted badness are under development.

Of course, for that to actually happen, there has to be the science to back it up and that may not be possible. Mind-controlled computers absolutely are, judging by the strides made in prosthetic limb control in the last ten years. Zombie rays and EMP guns to make you hear voices, well, not so much, although the brain is an area which we know so little about that it’s almost nonsensical to rule it out entirely.

To think, if the cold war was still on, we’d have news like this every week.

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