10 Most Incredible Images of the Northern Lights

Every year, people are inspired to brave freezing temperatures while attempting to capture the Aurora Borealis. This natural phenomenon beats any man-made light show. Here are ten of the best Aurora Borealis photographs that were taken in 2010 and posted to Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

No matter how many times we see stunning pictures of the aurora borealis, we are still amazed and entranced by its beauty.

Aurora BorealisPhoto: Odd :)

Solar winds flowing around the Earth provide the energy source behind auroras.

Science can explain the varied colors through photon emissions, but the auroras were mystical and explained in varied shades of magic back in ancient times.

Auroras were explained in Norse mythology as created by Valkyrior (warlike virgins) riding their horses in the sky while their spears and armor caused the colored flickering lights. Roman mythology credited Aurora, the goddess of dawn, as flying across the night sky, creating Northern Lights to announce the coming of dawn.

This is Earth as seen from the International Space Station. Auroras have also been seen around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune via the Hubble Space Telescope.

We thank all the photographers for sharing these stunning images with us.

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