Pomi the Robotic Penguin

pomi robotic penguinPhoto:

image via dvice

Scientists in South Korea have created a robot, which can interact with humans and the best part is…it looks like a penguin! They call him Pomi (Penguin Robot for Multimodal Interaction).

Scientists at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in South Korea created Pomi; a robot that can see, hear, touch and make faces. One of the most fascinating features is that Pomi can actually emit smells, meaning that if you piss him off he might decide to fart near you.

This marks a huge leap for robotics: not very long ago, a robot was made in Europe that could imitate humans’ capacity to walk on two legs. Pomi on the other hand, can make facial expressions according to his moods: he can move his eyebrows and pupils, as well as his lips.

All of this is made possible by an array of technologies including sensors, that allow Pomi to recognize voices and locate people. Even more incredible is the fact that Pomi is capable of producing various heartbeats, which are correlated to his mood.

South Korean scientists developed Pomi after creating two other animal robots: Kobie the koala and Rabie the rabbit.

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