Bike Riding: The Best Fitness Exercise

bike riding for fitnessPhoto: tomdebiec

With the advent of spring, you sure get to see roads blooming with two-wheelers. Who wouldn’t want to take a bike ride, which could be a fitness ride or just for fun on a wonderful day?

People do have choices about what type of bike they wish to ride, be it for an excursion activity or for fitness purposes. If we consider road bikes, these allow you to ride at higher speed and travel long distances as well as to steer well through traffic. Mountain bikes are well suited for surfaces which are bouncy and uneven. Meanwhile, lifestyle bikes provide even more comfort. But irrespective of the type of bike you prefer to ride, bike riding always contributes to a healthy body.

bike ridingPhoto: pixietart

Although we know there is nothing better than taking a fitness ride on your bike, have you ever thought how exhilarating it would be to commute to your workplace by bike? Yes, it would be extremely exciting as you can ride to work along with your co-workers. To promote this activity, SHTN (Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network) has planned to encourage people to ride by bike to their workplace by organizing a ‘ride to work’ challenge on May 21. Imagine what great fun it will be if you ride your bike to reach your workplace daily! Promoting bike riding is essential to maintaining minimum congestion on roads, better health, ease of parking, and time-saving, while at the same time enhancing your efficiency.

Yes, bike riding is the best way to stay fit, and instead of spending time in the gym it is always a better option to grab your bike and enjoy the sun outside.

ride to workPhoto: protorio

So who would like to travel by car or bus when the weather is pleasant? Rather, it would be more fun to enjoy the nice weather and pleasant breeze taking a ride on your bike in the streets. What a way to celebrate nice weather and stay fit at the same time. So get set and catch hold of your bike and stay healthy!