Forget Hybrids, Check Out This Badass ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle)

SAMAll images: Cree

We’re always looking for new cleaner, greener ways of traveling and have just come across this nifty little number by Swiss car company, Cree.

SAM, as the car is called, is a patented Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) approved for all public roads. Designed and created by Cree after an inordinate number of queries from potential customers, SAM was developed as an environmentally sound transport option.

SAM front view

With its reverse tri wheel configuration and room for only one, SAM looks more like a Robin Reliant crossed with a Sinclair C5 than an innovative concoction fit for the 21st century, but, along with its eco credentials, the Dolorian-style doors and availability of color ways are its saving grace.

SAM various colours

Unfortunately, the space-age looking car is still in prototype stage. Cree are currently looking for interested investors with a view to mass-producing the car and making it available world-wide. So, if you know of anyone cashed-up and willing, spread the word.

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