Introducing the Amazing Solar-Powered Sailboat Car

Seat BrisaPhoto:

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be many more eco cars released this year another one pops on to the market. This time it’s the turn of renowned Spanish car company SEAT; they’ve just introduced the sleek and slender Seat Brisa.

Brisa DashboardPhoto:

Completely solar-powered, the two-seater, three-wheeler is propelled by solar charged nano-fotovoltaic cells which are located in the vehicle’s translucent elastomere shell, the power generated runs a motor mounted on the rear wheel.

Rear ViewPhoto:

Created by very talented Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez in just one weekend, the Brisa (which means breeze in Spanish) is inspired by the flamboyant moves of flamenco and a love of the sea – how very Mediterranean.

Miguel wanted to convey the lightness of a breeze while maintaining a harmony with nature so used a translucent material for the bodywork, incorporating lots of curves and wood, too.

Sailboat designPhoto:

When it’s in full flow the slinky Brisa is said to sail over the ground like a sailing boat but it’s best saved for sunny days as, not only is it completely solar-powered but there’s no roof/soft top to protect from the elements. Oh well, just don good old-fashioned goggles and a scarf, and enjoy!

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