The Real World Seen Through Your Computer Screen

Day 105 - Transparent ScreenPhoto: dcis_steve

The technology in Iron Man 2 was to die for. Will the high-tech future of “greener” IT include transparent cell phones, touch screen coffee tables, and holographic lab environments? It’s coming. Until we have those types of sci-fi and fantasy gadgets, we’ve got optical illusions and creative slick tricks like these awesome transparent screen trick photos.

Cool huh? But it’s no Iron Man 2 gadget either. Summer is in full swing; the kids are out of school. If we want those futuristic transparent gadgets that aren’t too hard on the environment, it might be our kids who will make it a reality.

transparent screen CambodiaPhoto: 14983

After checking out transparent screen display illusions like this iPad, maybe your kids will one day come up with the answers for these to-die-for gadgets.

The how-to of making these illusions begins with taking a photo. If it’s for your laptop or LCD monitor, move the display so you can see what’s behind it. Without rearranging or disturbing the background, take many digital pictures from different vantage points. Don’t use the flash.

transparent screen tricksPhoto: 5mal5

Open the pictures in an image editor. Select the best image for the right angle of what you were shooting for. Adjustments can be made to brightness, contrast, etc.

Transparent iPadPhoto: spadin

Once you have the photo just as you want it, with the coloring and lighting as it would normally be in your surroundings, save the image. Set the picture as your wallpaper background.
transparent screensPhoto: rabasz
Some people are very good at creating this optical illusion – good enough to make all their screens on all their devices appear transparent.
transparent screen trickPhoto: mouser-nerdbot
Getting the color and vantage point just precisely right is harder than it sounds.
slick transparent screen trickPhoto: dwuziu

Transparent cell phonePhoto: akahuan
Now if only you could teach the trick to your kids? At worst, you’ve occupied some of their spare time and quietened them down for a while. At best, their brains will be ticking to make transparent displays and high-tech gadgets a reality rather than just a trick.
transparent iPhonePhoto: D’Arcy Norman
Any device with an LCD can be setup to show this slick trick.
outdoors transparent screenPhoto: yohann-aberkane
Here are several more to get you and your kid’s imaginative juices bubbling with ideas.
Transparent MacBookPhoto: delphwynd

transparent screen illusionPhoto: thomerow
Transparent PowerBookPhoto: chrisleague
illusion has been around the blockPhoto: Ares1060
This optical illusion has been around the block and back. Wouldn’t it be nice to think in a few years from now that we could have technology like in the movies?
Pac-ManicPhoto: travelling_macs
All in all, it’s a cool parlor trick. For now though, it’s all we have. Will you, your teen, or your child be the one to create the sci-fi and fantasy gadgets that will someday rule the future of IT?

Emory professor Sidney Perkowitz discusses how realistic the science and physics are behind Iron Man. But if that still leaves you a bit disheartened, then kick back, relax, and watch this. Then dream and reach for the future.

Pulling off an optical illusion of a transparent screen display trick should be a cake job in comparison.