Top 4 Travel Tips for a Green Summer

Summer is here and everyone’s off on holiday. Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint without ruining your holiday.

lakeland, by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

1. Don’t go abroad. I know, the weather ain’t great, but Britain can be pretty spectacular. There are seaside towns like St Ives, Aldeburgh and Whitby; landscapes like Lakeland, Snowdonia or the Scottish Highlands or world class festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe. Or, if you must go abroad…

2. Take the train. If you are travelling to mainland Europe from England, why not take the Channel Tunnel rather than fly. There are direct trains to Paris, Brussels, Lille and Avignon and connections to pretty much everywhere. Trains use a fraction of the carbon dioxide that plains use and it’s not that expensive. London to Paris starts at £60.

3. Offset your flight. Ok, we understand, you want to go further than the med and you don’t have six weeks to get there by boat. All is not lost, there are now a myriad of ways of allowing you to absolve your guilt. Check out Cool Earth and the Carbon Neutral Company. Or, if you’re going to America, fly by Silverjet, they offset every single flight, making them the world’s first carbon neutral airline.

4. Stay somewhere ecologically aware. There are now places to stay all over the world, whether they’re London hotels or safari lodges, that properly consider their impact on the world around them.