The Glass Skywalk 4000ft Above the Grand Canyon

“Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall.” Salman Rushdie
Grand Canyon SkywalkPhoto:
Image via pixdaus

The $31-million horseshoe-shaped Grand Canyon Skywalk opened in March 2007 and allows visitors to gaze 4,000 ft (1,200 m) down its glass bottom to take in the breathtaking panorama. The only drawback? No cameras allowed. Yup, it’s all gotta be preserved as memories. But not everyone trusts brain memory as much as camera memory, so we managed to compile a picture collection of those who sneaked a shot of that stomach-churning view down…

Visitors wear funny shoe protection so that they won’t scratch the glass:
Grand Canyon SkywalkPhoto:
Image: Heather King

Standing on the sky:
Grand Canyon SkywalkPhoto:
Image via sedonablog

Billed as a new architectural wonder of the world, the glass walkway extends 21 m beyond the canyon’s edge. It is 3 m wide and has 1.5 m-high glass walls. Steel beams were driven 14 m into the canyon wall to guarantee safety. Though the construction could theoretically hold several hundred people at a time, only 120 visitors are allowed at a time.

The ring in the sky:
Grand Canyon Skywalk ringPhoto:
Image via thecanyon

Preview for the press:
At the press previewPhoto:
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For those wondering why there would be a no camera policy – it’s the economy, stupid! Why let people take their own pictures when they can buy them for $25 a pop? Just to make sure there’s a little extra after the park fee of $25, $10 for the bus if you’re not driving and the tour package ranging from $54 to $213. Ka-ching, ka-ching, we hear the cash registers ring. Bet you never knew logging on to Environmental Graffiti could save you that much cash…

Trapdoor to the sky – obviously Photoshopped but best view down:
Trapdoor in the skywalkPhoto:
Image via freakingnews

Up to half of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to Shanghai businessman David Jin who proposed the project in 1996 and the other half to the Arizona’s poverty-stricken Hualapai tribe.

The skywalk from above:
Skywalk from abovePhoto:
Image via indianz

Like a giant magnet:
Giant magnetPhoto:
Image via theage

We’re not saying don’t go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk – just be prepared to lose your cash along with your breath. This video shows the exact location of the Skywalk – a giant magnet lost in the vastness of the Grand Canyon really – and may help make up your mind.

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