Charge Your Phone While You Dance

All images: Nexus404

Clubbers, joggers and hikers, watch out for this: Gotwind’s Dance Charger that uses human movement to charge mobile phones.

Trialed at this year’s Glastonbury music festival, and sponsored by Orange, this clever gadget can be strapped to your arm while you dance the day and night away, and is plugged directly into your phone when it needs charging.

To get technical, the mechanical energy from arm movements is converted into electrical energy by a tiny generator. After converting the current to DC and boosting it, the Dance Charger can charge any portable electrical device you need. Efficiency is estimated at 85%, which is not bad at all when compared to other chargers.

The Dance Charger is still in the concept stage: an hour of vigorous activity registered two bars of battery life on a Nokia N95. However, Gotwind is continuing to develop the idea for greater conversion efficiency and broader uses.

We can’t wait for these to come out, imagine your parents doing a jig to generate some juice, or your boss bopping for battery power in the middle of a meeting. Hours of entertainment.

Source: Gotwind