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Wives And Girlfriends Of The World's Richest Men

Imagine being married to a billionaire! The glitz, the glamour, the ritzy vacations... But while these women could just sit back and enjoy the spoils of their super-rich partners, they all have their own success stories to tell. And they’re accomplished, too. One is a published author, two have Ph.D.s, and many of the others are making their own marks in the world of business. So, who are the wives and girlfriends of some of the richest men alive? Let’s find out!

1. Nicole Shanahan

Married to: Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

Google regularly sparks privacy concerns, but Brin doesn’t appear to have any problems when it comes to his own! The internet entrepreneur managed to keep his marriage a secret for an entire year before word got out. You heard that right — one whole year! Their union may have been classified, but his wife, Nicole Shanahan, really is pure class. She’s also a respected name in Silicon Valley as the co-founder of ClearAccessIP. Dare we say, power couple?

2. Susan Dell

Married to: Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell

Like many billionaires, Michael Dell made his fortune in the world of computing. Yep, his eponymous company helped net him a staggering $52.3 billion fortune. But Dell doesn’t have to spend that alone, as he’s had wife Susan at his side since 1989 to help carry the load. Along with her husband, Susan helped to launch a foundation that assists families in impoverished urban communities.

3. Nita Ambani

Married to: Mukesh Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries

As the wife of the richest man in India, Nita Ambani has the kind of shoe collection that could rival Imelda Marcos! She doesn’t skimp, either, as there are apparently some Jimmy Choos in her stash. But there’s more to the wife of businessman Mukesh than luxury footwear. You see, Nita is also the chairwoman of one of her homeland’s most prestigious international schools.

4. Paola Rossi

Married to: Giovanni Ferrero, executive chairman of Ferrero

Who knew there was so much money to be made from hazelnut chocolate balls? Yes, it’s Giovanni Ferrero’s namesake company that’s responsible for such tasty treats as Tic Tacs, Nutella, and Ferrero Rocher. He’s built a stunning $35.3 billion fortune, too, since taking over the family business. And his wife Paola Rossi is doing pretty well in her own field. The mother of two is actually an official at the European Commission.

5. Tiffany Stewart Cuban

Married to: Mark Cuban, founder of Broadcast.com and all-round entrepreneur

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban mostly made his $4.7 billion fortune in dot-com companies, although you probably know him best for Shark Tank. He also told Rolling Stone that being a billionaire is “amazing” – which sounds about right to us! But despite his no doubt glamorous lifestyle, Cuban met his wife Tiffany – then an ad salesperson – at a place us regular folks will be familiar with: the gym. The couple’s 2002 wedding was pretty understated, too.

6. Brigitte Wertheimer

Married to: Alain Wertheimer, co-owner of Chanel

Alain Wertheimer has his grandfather to thank for much of his multi-billion-dollar fortune. In fact, the Frenchman is currently one of the ten wealthiest people in his homeland after having inherited a stake in Chanel. The iconic fashion house has been in the family since the mid-1920s, which certainly helps! And it probably comes as no surprise that Wertheimer lives in luxury. He has an apartment on New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue with Brigitte, his wife and mother of his three kids.

7. Valerie Wertheimer

Married to: Gérard Wertheimer, part two of the Chanel family duo

But Brigitte and Alain aren’t the only members of the Wertheimer family who can call themselves members of the ten-figure club. Alain co-owns Chanel with his brother Gérard, who’s said to be worth an astonishing $31.4B billion. And Gérard is married to Valerie, who does far more than just support her big-bucks husband. Yes, Valerie used to be a nurse and now contributes to worthy philanthropic causes.

8. Penny Knight

Married to: Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike

Phil and Penny have been together ever since Phil began selling shoes from the back of a green Plymouth Valiant in the ’60s. And let’s face it, Penny’s probably glad she stuck by him! Now, more than five decades on, Phil’s worth an incredible $46.8 billion. The Knights – who wed in 1968 – are famously generous. Amazingly, they have given away more than $1 billion to various medical, educational and sporting facilities.

9. Masami Ohno

Married to: Masayoshi Son, founder of investment firm SoftBank

Masayoshi Son has climbed his way to a cool $21.8 billion fortune. Amongst Japan’s wealthiest, Son has a link to the U.S. He actually studied at UC Berkeley, where he met his future wife Masami Ohno. That’s right! The couple generally like to keep a low profile, although we do know they’re parents to two girls.

10. Christine Kühne

Married to: Klaus-Michael Kühne, majority owner of Kuehne + Nagel

Klaus-Michael Kühne – who made his fortune in global transport – is worth an impressive $39.4 billion. Oh, and the German businessman also has a 30 percent stake in container-shipping firm Hapag-Lloyd. Well, he seems to know the field, right? At least Kühne can share his wealth with one lucky woman — his wife, Christine. The wealthy pair call Switzerland their home. 

11. Zhang Ying

Married to: Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group

Zhang Ying has been with e-commerce business founder Jack Ma every step towards building his $22.5 billion fortune. Yep, when the pair first met in college, Ying had no idea what her future husband would become – or just how rich he would get. And she’s since given up a teaching career to become the Chinese e-commerce company’s national general manager. We wouldn’t blame her if she never worked another day.

12. Melani Lowman Walton

Married to: S. Robson Walton, Walmart heir

S. Robson Walton – the former chairman of Walmart – has walked down the aisle three times now. Mind you, with his $69.7 billion fortune, he probably wasn’t struggling to save for those weddings! And it was Melani Lowman, who has had careers in real estate and as a basketball coach, who became his third, and much younger, wife in 2005.

13. Astrid Menks

Married to: Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time

Despite his incredible $120.2 billion fortune, Warren Buffett is known for pinching pennies. At least the veteran super-investor isn’t as thrifty when it comes to love. Buffett’s first wife Susan willingly shared him with Astrid Menks from 1977 until she passed away in 2004. The former waitress would become the billionaire’s second spouse two years later. Buffett is currently the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway — a multinational holding company. 

14. Carolyn Denise Persson

Married to: Stefan Persson, owner of H&M

Carolyn Denise Persson seems to like to keep a low profile. Not much is known about her, other than that she lives in Stockholm with Sweden’s wealthiest man Stefan Persson. Oh, and she doesn’t have to worry about money, as her husband is worth a cool $16.3 billion! Carolyn is the H&M principal shareholder’s second wife after he divorced Pamela Collett in 1991.

15. Lynne Walton

Married to: Jim Walton, Walmart heir and chairman of Arvest Bank Group

It looks as though Lynne Walton prefers to stay behind the scenes of the Walmart empire. There are hardly any pictures to be found of her on the internet, anyway. Until 2003, she also ran a bookstore in Bentonville, Arkansas. And, naturally, she probably won’t be counting the pennies any time soon. That’s because her husband’s worth an incredible $70.9 billion.

16. Liz Koch

Married to: Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries

Charles Koch has only ever had eyes for one woman – or so it appears from his nearly five decades of marriage to philanthropist Liz. The low-profile but controversial CEO tied the knot in 1972, although he and his wife first got to know each other at the beginning of the 1960s. And in the decades since, Koch’s fortune has grown to an awesome $61.8 billion. Now was it the dixie cups or the Stainmaster carpets that secured him his fortune?

17. Salma Hayek

Married to: Francois-Henri Pinault, founder of luxury goods business, Kering

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek is rumored to be worth upwards of $85 million – a more than respectable figure. But that’s nothing compared to the fortune belonging to her husband François-Henri Pinault and his family, which is thought to come in at a whopping $36.8 billion. The wealthy couple spent a cool $3.5 million tying the knot in 2009. Well, if you’ve got that much cash to flash...

18. Miranda Kerr

Married to: Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc.

Miranda Kerr has a successful modeling career, her own beauty line, and now a billionaire toyboy to boot. Talk about having it made! And Snapchat developer Evan Spiegel is worth a cool $5.6 billion even though he’s only in his early thirties. The couple first hooked up in the summer of 2015 and tied the knot two years later.

19. Eloise DeJoria

Married to: John Paul DeJoria, founder of The Patrón Spirits Company

Self-made billionaire John Paul DeJoria truly went from rags to riches. Yup, today the tequila tycoon is the proud possessor of a $2.8 billion fortune. And he can be proud of his marriage, too. DeJoria wed model Eloise Broady back in 1993, and the couple are still going strong to this day.

20. Flora Pérez Marcote

Married to: Amancio Ortega, co-founder of Inditex fashion group

Ortega met his second wife when she was one of his employees. That proved no barrier to love, though, and neither did the fact that Ortega was already married at the time. Messy! Flora Pérez Marcote eventually wed one of the wealthiest clothing retailers in the world back in 2001. Now, she’s on Inditex’s board of directors and can probably enjoy some of the spoils of her husband’s $55.2 billion. We wonder if she spends any of her earnings in Zara or Bershka?

21. Wang Xunfang

Married to: William Ding Lei, founder and CEO of Netease

William Ding Lei got in at the ground floor with the internet – and it looks like it paid off! The Chinese entrepreneur is responsible for NetEase – one of the largest mobile games businesses in the world – which he first began developing in 1997. Now, he’s worth an impressive $27.7 billion. Not bad, eh? And Ding can enjoy those riches with wife Wang Xunfang.

22. Jennifer Gilbert

Married to: Daniel Gilbert, cofounder of Quicken Loans

Dan Gilbert has amassed an incredible $18.9 billion as the man behind America’s biggest mortgage lending firm. But his wife Jennifer certainly isn’t interested in just counting the cash. For one thing, the Michigan State grad has launched a design firm and B2B platform. She’s also on the board of the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum. Oh, and alongside her husband, Jennifer is busy trying to discover a cure for the genetic disorder NF1. Looks like she keeps pretty busy!

23. Wang Dan-ting

Married to: Ma Huateng, co-founder of Tencent Holdings

How’s this for serendipity? Musician Wang Dan-ting met Ma Huateng – one of the wealthiest men in China – on a chat room app that the entrepreneur helped to launch! WeChat actually has more than 1 billion users, so even meeting in the first place was pretty lucky. Proving that you can find both love and financial security for life online, the pair went on to marry and welcome a daughter called Ma Manlin into the world.

24. Nicoletta Zampillo

Married to: Leonardo Del Vecchio, founder of eyewear giant Luxottica

Nicoletta Zampillo has actually had two attempts at married life. That’s right: even though their first marriage ended in divorce, the couple decided to walk down the aisle for the second time in 2010. And if they can stay together until the businessman passes, then Zampillo will reportedly receive a quarter of the eyewear company that Del Vecchio launched back in 1961. That’ll be worth a pretty penny, as the Italian entrepreneur currently has a fortune of $28.2 billion.

25. Emily Appelson

Married to: Len Blavatnik, savvy business magnate and philanthropist

Sir Len Blavatnik had quite a journey to claiming the title of Britain’s richest man in 2021. The Ukrainian businessman made his money in metals and energy at the time when the Soviet Union was breaking up. He ultimately jumped ship, though, to the U.S. – wife Emily Appelson is American – and the U.K. Blavatnik and Appelson live together in a London mansion worth a jawdropping $275 million – although that’s just a fraction of their $31.1 billion fortune.

26. Lu Xiaoping

Married to: Zhong Shanshan, founder of Nongfu Spring

Lu Xiaoping appears to be surrounded by billionaires. Her husband is Zhong Shanshan – the bottled water magnate with a fortune of $67.3 billion. Not bad going for the wealthiest man in China. Lu’s sisters Xiaowei and Xiaofu and brother Cheng are also in the ten-figure club thanks to holdings in the same company, Nongfu Spring.

27. Kristy Hinze

Married to: James H. Clark, co-founder of Netscape

You may not know Jim Clark’s name, but the mogul made his not-too-shabby $3.2 billion fortune by creating the Netscape browser. He also invested in a few of Silicon Valley’s most successful ventures — Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few. And he’s married to Kristy Hinze, who you may have seen from her appearances for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s secret. Despite the 36-year age gap between the pair, Clark and Hinze tied the knot on the island of Virgin Gorda in 2009.

28. Franziska Weipert

Married to: Dieter Schwarz, owner of The Schwarz Group

Dieter Schwarz may be one of the world’s richest guys, but don’t expect to see him or his wife Franziska splashing the cash around in public. Schwarz, in particular, has established such a reputation for privacy that he’s known as a “phantom” in his homeland of Germany. We do know, though, that the octogenarian married Weipert in 1963 and that the pair have two daughters. With a cool $43.1 billion in the bank following the success of the retail giant that covers Lidl and Kaufland, this family-run business isn’t one to overlook.

29. Priti Adani

Married to: Gautam Adani, the richest man in Asia

Gautam Adani’s other half has had quite the varied career. While Priti Adani graduated college with a degree in dental surgery, her main endeavor since 1996 has been the Adani Foundation – a charity that has reportedly helped more than three million Indians to date. And she and her husband don’t exactly have to scrimp and save. At present, the industrialist and his family are worth a cool $125.5 billion.

30. Priscilla Chan

Married to: Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook

In 2015 Mark Zuckerberg announced that he and Priscilla Chan would soon have an heir to their multi-billion-dollar fortune. Now the couple has two daughters, and those kids won’t want for anything with $62.9 billion in the bank! The wealthy pair met at a Harvard frat party, though they didn't update their relationship status to “married” until 2012!

31. Fabiana Flosi

Married to: Bernie Ecclestone, former chief executive of the Formula One Group

Fabiana Flosi was Formula One’s Brazilian vice president of marketing when she met F1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone. And perhaps Flosi’s accomplishments impressed the billionaire as the pair went on to tie the knot in 2012. Yep, that 46-year age gap didn’t seem to matter! Today, Ecclestone and his family are worth $3 billion.

32. Hélène Mercier Arnault

Married to: Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of LVMH

Hélène Mercier Arnault had already made a name for herself before marrying Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton chair and CEO Bernard Arnault. Yes, the French-Canadian concert pianist had released her debut album the year before she tied the knot with the head of the luxury goods conglomerate. And even though her husband is worth an incredible $161.8 billion, Hélène hasn’t been resting on her laurels. Her career has gone from strength to strength. In fact, she continues to record to this day.

33. Susanna Lemann

Married to: Jorge Paulo Lemann, investment banker and philanthropist

If Jorge Paulo Lemann’s just too busy to keep up with the goings-on at Fundação Lemann, then his second wife Susanna can fill him in. That’s because she also sits on the board of the organization her husband created to better the standards of Brazilian public education. And that’s something he could very well afford to do, as his net worth stands at a pretty sweet $16.1 billion.

34. Gail Icahn

Married to: Carl Icahn, one of Wall Street's most successful investors

The creator of Icahn Capital Management, Carl Icahn is worth a very impressive $16.2 billion. As for his love life? Well, the ruthless businessman left his first wife in 1993 for his then-assistant Gail Golden. The new pair married six years later, and since then, the current Mrs. Icahn has helped found Gutsy Women Travel, which arranges trips for female vacationers hoping to see the world without their other halves. Go girls!

35. Tamiko Bolton

Married to: George Soros, hedge fund tycoon

George Soros famously made $1 billion in 1992 when he “broke the Bank of England.” Mind you, the veteran investor has earned a little more since – actually, a lot more, to be honest! Now, he’s worth $8.6 billion. And the woman behind the wealth? Soros’ third wife: Tamiko Bolton. The latter married Soros in 2013, and she’s gone on to manage her own internet yoga company.

36. Connie Snyder

Married to: Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft and Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

Just like Bill Gates, Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer also met his wife while working at Microsoft. He was pretty crucial to the company, too, serving as CEO for 14 years and earning a cool $92.2 billion fortune in the process. Connie Snyder, meanwhile, has since shifted her focus to philanthropy. She serves as the board chair of Partners for Our Children – the Washington-based organization that she co-founded in 2007.

37. Lucy Southworth

Married to: Larry Page, co-founder of Google

Google CEO Larry Page is worth a princely $98.6 billion, but his wife Lucy Southworth still has something he doesn’t: a Ph.D. Southworth earned her biomedical informatics doctorate from Stanford – the same university from which Page dropped out to concentrate on Google. Not that it held him back, mind you! The couple tied the knot in 2007 on Richard Branson’s exclusive Necker Island.

38. Adrienne Bevis Mars

Married to: John Franklyn Mars, co-owner and chairman of Mars Inc.

Perhaps the secret to a long marriage is being able to get free chocolate on tap? Although Adrienne Bevis Mars’ husband can certainly afford to buy a lot of candy with his $34.1 billion fortune. The Wheaton College trustee has been married to the co-owner of the confectionery giant since 1958 – an impressive run in anyone’s book.

39. Nikita Kahn

In a relationship with: Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle Corporation

Ukrainian model Nikita Kahn is the latest beauty to be dating Larry Ellison – one of the richest men in the world. And while Ellison and Kahn have not yet married, the entrepreneur did name a Malibu eating spot in her honor. That’s gotta be worth something! Ellison, of course, is worth an awful lot in his own right. After striking it rich with his database Oracle, he now has a $104.1 billion fortune. Not bad!

It’s not all co-founders and investment banking when it comes to making it big, however. There’s a whole hoard of past and present NBA legends who all have one thing in common aside from their staggering wealth: the backing of an exceptional woman.

40. Michael Finley – $65 million

Michael Finley enjoyed a 15-year career in the NBA, most notably winning a championship title in 2007 as the San Antonio Spurs’ small forward. Nowadays, though, he’s a film producer with credits including awards-bait movies The Birth of a Nation and The Butler. His net worth is reportedly $65 million.

Rebekah Hosey

Finley and Rebekah Hosey were already parents to son Micah by the time they wed in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, in 2006, and since then the couple have gone on to have two other children. Hosey earned herself a degree in business management before becoming a personal trainer and keen supporter of charities.

41. Paul Pierce – $70 million

Lucrative marketing deals with the likes of Attitude Drinks have helped Paul Pierce achieve a reported current net worth of $70 million. In fact, in 2013 the ex-Los Angeles Clippers small forward was, according to Forbes, one of the 100 highest-paid sportsmen in the world. Four years after he was honored with that accolade, though, Pierce wound up his basketball career.

Julie Pierce

Pierce met his future wife Julie Landrum in 2006, and approximately two years later the couple had their first of three children, Prianna Lee. Then, in 2010, the lovebirds married on the sunny Californian coast – complete with Prianna as their flower girl. The Pierces would later add to their family unit with the births of Adrian Tanya and Prince Paul.

42. Jermaine O’Neal – $70 million

In an interview with The Boston Globe in 2010, Jermaine O’Neal claimed he “never knew” he was among the NBA’s highest-earning players at that time. The former Boston Celtics star was so well paid, in fact, that he’s now thought to be worth $70 million. And perhaps O’Neal is content to sit back and enjoy his fortune, too, as although he has never properly announced his retirement, he hasn’t been seen on court since 2014.

Mesha O’Neal

O’Neal has two kids – Asjia and Jermaine Jr. – with his wife Mesha, whom he met aged 17 and later married in the Bahamas. Back in 2010 Mesha appeared on the popular VH1 reality show Basketball Wives. Asjia, meanwhile, has made a name for herself playing volleyball for the University of Texas.

43. Elton Brand – $70 million

Elton Brand amassed most of his $70 million fortune playing for five NBA teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers. And the twice-selected NBA All Star has remained within the sport after retiring as a power forward. In 2018, in fact, he was appointed as the general manager of the 76ers.

Shahara Simmons

Brand’s wife, Shahara Simmons, is a very talented woman in her own right, too. She actually met the NBA star while studying at Duke University, and she has an interior design master’s degree from New York’s Pratt Institute. The pair welcomed their first child, Elton Peace Brand, into the world in 2008.

44. Tracy McGrady – $75 million

Former swingman Tracy McGrady turned out for seven NBA teams during his illustrious 16-year basketball career – most notably for the Houston Rockets between 2004 and 2010. Then, following his retirement, the star spent several months as a pro baseball pitcher before landing an analyst position with ESPN. Today, his net worth is estimated to be $75 million.

CleRenda McGrady

McGrady said ‘I do’ to CleRenda Harris in 2006 – no fewer than eight years after meeting her in North Carolina. CleRenda herself is a life coach and the founder of Project P.U.S.H, which aims to empower women. She and McGrady also have four kids together: Layla Clarice, Laymen Lamar, Layden and Laycee Aloa.

45. Tony Parker – $75 million

Point guard Tony Parker has earned four NBA Championships with the San Antonio Spurs and achieved six NBA All Star selections. Yet Parker, reportedly worth $75 million, also has a secret talent. He has released several hip-hop records, one of which even reached the top spot in France in 2007.

Axelle Francine

Parker became a tabloid regular in the mid-’00s thanks to his three-year marriage to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. But Parker and Longoria divorced in 2010, and three years later the NBA star walked down the aisle with Axelle Francine – a French journalist. The pair now have two children together.

46. Larry Bird – $75 million

Larry Bird is widely regarded as one of the most talented players ever to step foot on a professional court. As fans know, the versatile NBA star enjoyed no fewer than 13 seasons playing for the Boston Celtics from the late 1970s until the early 1990s. And while amassing a fortune that is said to be in the region of $75 million, Bird went on to serve as the Indiana Pacers’ head coach.

Dinah Mattingly

In 1989 Bird also tied the knot with Dinah Mattingly – his girlfriend of many years. But despite the forward’s vast wealth, the ceremony was far from a lavish one. Both Bird and Mattingly sported stonewashed jeans for the occasion, which was witnessed by only five other guests. The couple subsequently adopted two kids: Mariah and Connor.

47. Karl Malone – $75 million

Also known as “The Mailman,” serial deliverer Karl Malone played for the Utah Jazz for 18 years – and for the Los Angeles Lakers for one – before finishing his career in 2005. The ex-power forward went on to become the Jazz’s big man coach in 2013. And he has a reported net worth of $75 million.

Kay Kinsey Malone

Malone fell for 1988 Miss Idaho USA pageant winner Kay Kinsey after the pair met at an autograph-signing event in Utah. The couple tied the knot on Christmas Eve 1990, and since then they’ve added Kadee, Kylee, Karlee and Karl Jr. to their family. Malone also has three other kids from former relationships as a young man.

48. Jason Kidd – $75 million

Jason Kidd no doubt made a pretty penny when he left one endorsement deal with Nike to join another with PEAK in 2008. Now, in fact, it’s estimated that the former New Jersey Nets player has a net worth of at least $75 million. And in 2019 the ex-point guard got right back in the game when he was appointed as assistant coach by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Porschla Kidd

Kidd tied the knot with Porschla Coleman – his second wife – in the fall of 2011. Formerly a model for companies such as RocaWear, Danskin and Frederick’s of Hollywood, Porschla has since served as the executive director of the foundation that her husband set up in his name. The couple also have two children: Noah and Chance.

49. Dikembe Mutombo – $75 million

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dikembe Mutombo had an impressive 18-year NBA career between 1991 and 2009. The celebrated center turned out for several franchises including the Denver Nuggets, the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. His net worth is believed to be in the region of $75 million.

Rose Mutombo

Mutombo proposed to fellow Congolese-American Rose the moment that he met her, with the pair going on to walk down the aisle together in 1996. The couple are both actively involved in the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation and have no fewer than six children – four of whom they took on as adoptive parents.

50. Paul George – $80 million

In 2019 Paul George famously became a dream team with Kawhi Leonard at the Los Angeles Clippers. And the savvy move certainly paid off for the small forward, who had previously enjoyed a successful stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder and won an Olympic gold at Rio 2016. The star’s endorsement deal with YouTube has also helped him to amass an impressive $80 million fortune.

Daniela Rajic

Throughout much of his NBA career, though, George has been supported by Daniela Rajic. The pair first met in 2013 and went on to have two children together, with Olivia arriving in 2014 and Natasha three years later. And Rajic may be raking in the cash herself, too, after launching her own swimwear brand Nude Swim.

51. Pat Riley – $80 million

Pat Riley played for the San Diego Rockets, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns during the 1960s and ’70s before taking a behind the scenes role as the president of the Miami Heat. The game has certainly been good to the former guard/forward. His net worth is thought to now stand at approximately $80 million.

Chris Riley

Riley tied the knot with blonde, blue-eyed Chris way back in 1970 – a couple of years after they met on a beach in San Diego. And after returning to class to finish her studies in psychology, Chris went on to work for several years as a family therapist. She and her husband also have two grown-up children: Elisabeth and James.

52. Juwan Howard – $80 million

Former Miami Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard enjoyed a 19-year NBA playing career before retiring in 2013. He was such a star that he was the NBA’s first player to be offered a $100 million contract and he had several lucrative sponsorships. His net worth is estimated at $80 million.

Jenine Howard

Howard tied the knot with Jenine Wardally on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the summer of 2001. Now, the pair have two sons together, Jett and Jace – both of whom have followed in their father’s sporting footsteps. Jenine is also the founder of the Juice Foundation, which promotes healthy living for people with cancer.

53. Chris Webber – $80 million

Chris Webber was named an NBA All-Star five times and in 2001 he signed an amazing $127 million contract to play for the Sacramento Kings. He’s worked as a TV analyst since retiring in 2008 and also has an investment company. His net worth is thought to be at least $80 million.

Erika Dates Webber

Webber married his long-term partner Erika Dates in 2009, with the pair saying their vows during a private ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s thought that as many as 200 friends and family witnessed the event. And in 2017 the pair became parents for the first time with the birth of their twin son and daughter.

54. Chris Bosh – $80 million

Chris Bosh was, according to Forbes, the planet’s 52nd-best-paid sports star in 2015, with his $20.8 million salary topped up by $3 million of endorsements. Such lucrative deals have undoubtedly helped the former Miami Heat power forward amass a personal fortune said to be in the region of $80 million. After having a pulmonary embolism, however, Bosh was finally forced to retire from the NBA in 2019.

Adrienne Bosh

Bosh tied the knot with Adrienne Williams in 2011, with the pair going on to welcome sons Jackson and Dylan and twins Lennox Noel and Phoenix Avery. The one-time Heat star also has a daughter, Trinity, from another relationship. And in 2015 Adrienne opened the Miami Beach-located boutique Sparkle and Shine Darling, which stocks “sparkly shiny pieces” for women.

55. Zach Randolph – $85 million

Zach Randolph was something of an NBA journeyman, having played for no fewer than five teams over the course of his lengthy career. The erstwhile Memphis Grizzlies star was also twice selected for the NBA All-Star team before retiring in late 2019 – a decision he made after having reportedly amassed a personal fortune of $85 million.

Faune Randolph

After 14 years together, Randolph married his wife Faune in a lavish ceremony staged at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis in 2014. The pair have three children together, MacKenley, MaZiya and Lil Z-Bo, too. Randolph is also a father to several other kids from his past relationships.

56. Tyson Chandler – $85 million

Tyson Chandler accrued his reported $85 million fortune playing as either center or power forward for numerous teams over the years. He’s earned himself plenty of titles, too, along with a gold medal as part of Team USA at the London Olympics. In 2012 Chandler was also crowned the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year.

Kimberly Chandler

In 2005, though, Chandler walked down the aisle with Kimberly before going on to have three children: Sacha-Marie, Tyson II and Sayge Jozzelle. And the couple also work together to promote various charities. For instance, following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, the Chandlers helped suffering families all over New Orleans.

57. Derrick Rose – $85 million

Derrick Rose came out all guns blazing in his early career, winning the Most Valuable Player Award at the record-breaking age of 22. This no doubt helped the point guard bank an estimated $85 million. However, he has also boosted his coffers via deals with Adidas, Powerade, Skullcandy and more.

Alaina Anderson

In 2018 Rose walked down the aisle with Alaina Anderson. The pair welcomed baby daughter Layla into the world later that same year, and she was followed in 2019 by son London Marley. Rose also has a child called Derrick Jr. from a previous relationship with Mieka Reese.

58. Reggie Miller – $90 million

Shooting guard Reggie “Knick Killer” Miller spent 18 seasons racking up three-point scores with the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. He also won an Olympic gold medal at Atlanta 1996 on his way to an estimated $90 million fortune. These days he brings in the big bucks as a commentator for TNT.

Laura Laskowski

In 2001 Miller dissolved his eight-year marriage to Marita Stavrou – and the divorce was far from a harmonious one. It would be another ten years before Miller apparently settled down with Laura Laskowski. The pair welcomed their first child called Ryker in 2013 and their second – Lennox – three years later.

59. Kyrie Irving – $90 million

In 2016 Kyrie Irving guided the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA title. Then, after a brief spell with the Boston Celtics, he inked a contract worth an astonishing $141 million with the Brooklyn Nets. Though it’s not just on the basketball court where Irving has made his reported $90 million fortune. He has a lucrative deal with Nike, for one. The point guard also possesses partial rights to his Uncle Drew character – the protagonist of a hit movie in 2018.


After much speculation, Irving announced in the summer of 2019 that he was dating Golden – a.k.a. Marlene Wilkerson. And after the Instagram influencer was pictured wearing an impressive piece of jewelry on her left ring finger, rumors began flying that the pair were about to get hitched. Irving had previously been engaged to R&B vocalist Kehlani, but the couple called time on their relationship in 2016.

60. Steve Nash – $95 million

Steve Nash spent a whopping 18 seasons in the NBA. For the majority of those he served as a point guard for the Phoenix Suns, accruing an alleged net worth of $95 million. He now co-owns MLS team Vancouver Whitecaps FC and enjoyed a seven-year stint as the Canadian national basketball team’s general manager.

Lilla Frederick

Six years after divorcing his first wife Alejandra Amarilla, Nash announced his engagement to ex-volleyball player Lilla Frederick; the star had proposed to his girlfriend during a romantic getaway in Europe. They married shortly afterwards, and in 2017 Frederick gave birth to their first child – and Nash’s fourth – Luca Sun.

61. Ray Allen – $100 million

With the help of past endorsement deals with the likes of Webster Bank and Nike and a previous contract worth $80 million, Ray Allen has reportedly achieved an impressive net worth of $100 million. The shooting guard spent his final years on the court playing for the Miami Heat before officially retiring in 2016. He’d racked up an impressive 18 seasons in the NBA.

Shannon Walker Williams

In 2004 Allen started dating Shannon Walker Williams. The singer and actress had started her career in Motown Records group Shades before landing a small role in the long-running CBS soap As the World Turns. The pair – who now have four kids together – walked down the aisle together four years later.

62. Isiah Thomas – $100 million

Isiah Thomas’ loyalty to the Detroit Pistols seemed to pay off, as in 1994 he stepped away from the court with team records in points, steals and assists. The former point guard then went on to mastermind the Toronto Raptors, serve as an analyst for NBC and acquire the Continental Basketball Association. And this illustrious career is said to have netted Thomas a reported $100 million.

Lynn Kendall

Throughout, Thomas has been supported by wife Lynn Kendall, although their marriage has had its fair share of ups and downs. The pair had their first encounter at Indiana University, and after romance blossomed, they walked down the aisle in 1985. Since the big day, they’ve also welcomed children Joshua and Lauren.

63. Yao Ming – $120 million

It’s perhaps unsurprising that 7’6” center Yao Ming excelled during his five years with the Shanghai Sharks and a further decade with the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Yet he wasn’t just a star on the court. His reported $120 million net worth is apparently a combination of salaries and lucrative sponsorship deals.

Ye Li

Yao isn’t the only basketball star in his household, though. Wife Ye Li actually competed in the same sport for China at the 2004 Olympics in Athens – the same event where the couple took their relationship public. The pair married in 2007 and are parents to a daughter named Yao Qinlei.

64. Chris Paul – $120 million

In 2020 Chris Paul was, according to Forbes, the 35th-best-paid sports star on the planet. And given the point guard’s salary of $35 million and an estimated net worth of around $120 million, it’s fair to say that he’s done pretty well for himself. Paul continues to excel on the court, too, after leaving the Houston Rockets for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019.

Jada Paul

Paul met future wife Jada Crawley at high school. They married in 2011 and today reside with their two kids in a Bel Air mansion that once belonged to Avril Lavigne. The pair also both have their hands in the CP3 Foundation – an organization designed to provide educational, sporting and living opportunities for areas in need.

65. Tim Duncan – $130 million

It seems Tim Duncan – who was with the San Antonio Spurs from 1997 for 16 years until his retirement – has been handsomely rewarded for his loyalty. In 2012 Forbes named him the planet’s 73rd-best-paid athlete, with his multi-million dollar contract being supplemented by $2 million in endorsements. His net worth is thought to be at least $130 million.

Vanessa Macias

Duncan – who divorced his ex-wife Amy in 2013 – is now dating reporter Vanessa Macias. She’s currently the in-house announcer for two San Antonio-based sports teams and is a host on Talk Now SA. Famously, Macias also competed on season 20 of long-running reality show The Amazing Race. And in 2017 the pair welcomed a daughter called Quill.

66. Stephen Curry – $130 million

Widely hailed as one of the NBA’s greatest ever shooters, point guard Stephen Curry is also one of the richest. In fact, his current contract with the Golden State Warriors is worth a whopping $201 million over five years. This will only add to his presently reported $130 million net worth.

Ayesha Curry

Curry’s wife is very much a star in her own right, too. Ayesha Curry has her own Food Network show and is the author of cookery book The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith and the Joy of Eating Well. She married Curry in 2011, and the couple have since welcomed three kids: Riley, Ryan and Cannon.

67. Dwight Howard – $140 million

After hitting form with the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard looked destined to ultimately become an NBA great. But the center never truly realized his early potential, with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers failing to sufficiently reverse his fortunes. Nonetheless, Howard has still earned an estimated $140 million during his inconsistent career.

Te’a Cooper

There are signs that Howard may finally be ready to settle down, too, as in 2020 reports emerged that the star had proposed to his girlfriend Te’a Cooper. The latter is no stranger to the basketball court herself, having played for both the University of South Carolina and Baylor.

68. Dirk Nowitzki – $140 million

Despite being described by Fox Sports in 2011 as “the most marketable player on the planet,” Dirk Nowitzki has – Nike shoe deal aside – tended to shun lucrative endorsements. Yet the ex-Dallas Mavericks power forward is already thought to have an enviable net worth of $140 million – a sum that has set him up nicely for life after the game.

Jessica Olsson

Back in 2010 Nowitzki met Swedish art gallery worker Jessica Olsson at a bash for Amadou Gallo Fall’s SEED Project. The pair – who now have two sons and a daughter – married in Dallas, Texas, two years later. And Olsson has yet another link to sports. She’s the sister of Martin and Marcus Olsson – professional soccer players who have both been part of Sweden’s national team.

69. Russell Westbrook – $150 million

Point guard Russell Westbrook has earned much of his reported $150 million fortune during a lengthy spell at the Oklahoma City Thunder. In fact, in 2017 he signed the most valuable guaranteed contract – worth $233 million for six seasons – ever handed to an NBA player. Less than two years after inking that deal, however, Westbrook transferred to the Houston Rockets.

Nina Earl

And Nina Earl has been with Westbrook since they started dating in college. The pair eventually walked down the aisle in 2015, and two years later they welcomed their first child – Noah – into the world. In 2018 the couple also added to their family unit with the birth of twin daughters.

70. Carmelo Anthony – $160 million

Houston Rockets small forward Carmelo Anthony has the honor of being named the world’s 42nd-best-paid sportsperson of 2019, with Forbes totaling his earnings for the previous 12 months at $34 million. Anthony also has multiple sponsorships as well as a venture capital firm, and his net worth is reported to be somewhere in the region of $160 million.

Alani “La La” Anthony

La La Anthony is possibly the most well-known basketball wife and is undoubtedly just as much of a celebrity as her husband. She’s a reality star, TV and radio host, actress, writer and – last but not least – a mother to the couple’s son Kiyan. And despite the gossip about Anthony having strayed from his multi-talented partner, the pair still seem to be going strong.

71. Dwyane Wade – $170 million

High-profile sponsorships and profitable contracts have helped Dwyane Wade’s net worth reach an estimated $170 million. The celebrated shooting guard – who once had the NBA’s biggest-selling jersey – spent most of his career with the Miami Heat. That said, he did also enjoy brief spells with the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers before hanging up his shoes in 2019.

Gabrielle Union

In 2009 Wade started seeing Gabrielle Union – the actress best known for her role as cheerleader Isis in Bring It On. And while work commitments forced them to split temporarily, the pair later got engaged at the end of 2013 and married the following year. In 2018 the couple welcomed their first – and Wade’s fourth – child.

72. Hakeem Olajuwon – $200 million

Celebrated Basketball Hall of Famer Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon’s incredible career – which included consecutive NBA titles with the Houston Rockets – came to an end in 2002. Since then, though, the former center has reportedly made $100 million in real estate deals. His overall fortune, meanwhile, is estimated to be a pretty cool $200 million.

Dalia Asafi

In accordance with Olajuwon’s Islamic faith, it was prearranged that he would tie the knot with the then 18-year-old Dalia Asafi in 1996. The star said at the time that his spouse possessed “wisdom beyond her years.” And the couple now share two children: Rahmah and Aisha. Olajuwon’s other daughter – Abisola – has also enjoyed time in the WNBA.

73. David Robinson – $200 million

David Robinson spent the entirety of his 14-year professional basketball career with the San Antonio Spurs. He also won the NBA championship twice and has two Olympic gold medals to his name. Then, after he retired from the court, Robinson entered the world of private equity and is today worth at least $200 million.

Valerie Hoggatt Robinson

The former center married Valerie Hoggatt in December 1991. And the following year, Hoggatt was head of the David Robinson Foundation – putting her degree in business and experience with community outreach to good use. She and her husband also have sons David Jr., Corey and Justin together, and it appears that the two youngest boys are both attempting to follow their dad to sporting glory.

74. Grant Hill – $250 million

Former NBA All-Star participant Grant Hill had an amazing 19-season career, including seven years with the Orlando Magic, who got him on their books in 2000 with a contract worth $93 million. In 2018 Hill signed a lifetime endorsement contract with Fila. And today the Hall of Fame player is reportedly worth a whopping $250 million.


Hill married Canadian R&B star Tamia in 1999, with the pair first introduced to each other in Detroit by none other than Grammy Award-winning singer Anita Baker. They have a couple of daughters together: Lael Rose and Myla Grace. And in 2019 the whole family embarked on a Bahamian vacation to celebrate Hill and Tamia’s 20th wedding anniversary.

75. Shaquille O’Neal – $400 million

Four-time NBA winner Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal’s imposing 7’1” frame is eclipsed only by his reputed net worth of some $400 million. The star, who has also seen success in both acting and music, earned this figure mostly through salary and sponsorships as well as several successful sneaker lines. O’Neal himself sports a considerable size 23 shoe.

Annie Ilonzeh

And Shaq has allegedly been dating actress Annie Ilonzeh, who appears in NBC’s popular series Chicago Fire. The two were seen clasping hands during a stroll in the Big Apple in early 2019, although they have seemingly kept schtum about their relationship ever since.

76. LeBron James – $480 million

Two-time NBA champion LeBron James turned pro in 2003 and has a net worth that some claim tops $480 million. “King James” is, according to Forbes, the world’s 17th-highest-paid celebrity and the 6th-best-paid athlete. As well as being widely regarded as the best ball player in the world, James co-owns a production company and has even had a go at acting having appeared in 2015’s Trainwreck and HBO show Entourage.

Savannah Brinson

James’ wife Savannah Brinson has long supported him, with the pair’s romance harking right the way back to high school. They already had three kids when they married in September 2013. And the couple aren’t afraid to splash the cash; they own a $23 million LA mansion and a swanky private jet worth around $22 million.

77. Magic Johnson – $600 million

Five-time NBA champion Earvin “Magic” Johnson was on a salary of $14.6 million a year before he retired from the game in 1996. His net worth today, though, is thought to be a massive $600 million. This is largely thanks to his company Magic Johnson Enterprises, which operates in the entertainment and promotional sectors. And he consistently appears in Forbes’ lists of best-paid retired athletes.

Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly

Magic tied the knot with Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly in 1991, shortly before discovering that he was HIV positive. This potentially devastating development, however, doesn’t appear to have compromised their marriage. And the couple now share two children – a son, Earvin III, who starred on reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and an adopted daughter: Elisa.

78. Junior Bridgeman – $600 million

Ulysses Lee “Junior” Bridgeman – whose iconic number 2 jersey was discontinued by the Milwaukee Bucks following his retirement in 1988 – apparently has a fortune of no less than $600 million. How? Well, it is largely thanks to his hugely successful franchise empire! Yes, the star once partly owned more than 360 separate Chili’s and Wendy’s outlets before selling the whole lot on in 2016.

Doris Bridgeman

Bridgeman has been married to wife Doris for more than 40 years, too. And the pair’s three grown-up kids – Ryan, Justin and Eden – have all done their bit within the super-lucrative family firm. In 2015 both the NBA icon and his partner were handed honorary degrees by the University of Louisville.

79. Michael Jordan – $2 billion

Former Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan is perhaps the finest basketball player to have ever graced the court. He earned $93 million in his playing days, but his current fortune has been mainly amassed through endorsements, especially for Nike. Jordan’s net worth today sits at a huge $2 billion dollars.

Yvette Prieto

Jordan married his longtime sweetheart – Latin American model Yvette Prieto – in April 2013 at a ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida. The pair met on a night out in 2008, which was two years after Jordan had divorced from first wife Juanita Vanoy. In 2014 Prieto gave birth to identical twins Victoria and Ysabel.

80. Special Mention: Kobe Bryant – $600 million

Veteran Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard – and five-time NBA champion – Kobe Bryant reportedly earned $600 million over the course of his career. Tragically, though, in 2020 his life was cut short following a fatal helicopter crash. The eight other passengers traveling with Bryant – including his eldest child Gianna – also died in the accident.

Vanessa Bryant

Bryant is survived by his wife and three kids. The NBA hero and Vanessa Laine walked down the aisle in November 2001, with the couple later going on to welcome daughters Gianna, Natalia, Bianka and Capri. And while the Bryants briefly split in 2011, they ultimately managed to reconcile before a divorce was finalized.