The World Cup Nations With The Most Passionate Fans

While the players are obviously the stars of the World Cup, their fans aren’t too far behind. The famous soccer tournament just wouldn’t be the same without these bouncing supporters packing out the stadiums. Face paint, crazy costumes, beloved mascots, full traditional gladiator getup; you name it, soccer fans will do it. But which country’s supporters will go the furthest to show their love for their team? Let’s find out!

1. Brazil

Brazil are the most successful team in World Cup history, having lifted the trophy five times to date. They’re a true powerhouse in international soccer. And the same can be said of their fans, too. Dressed from head-to-toe in yellow and green, their passion and enthusiasm is truly infectious. Just look at this guy! Can he and others like him push The Seleção on to a sixth title in Qatar? There’s a very good chance.

2. Mexico

If you ever wanted a perfect snapshot of Mexico’s passionate fanbase, here it is! These guys absolutely adore their national side, and always follow them in large numbers to the World Cup. Few other supporters can match the colors on display once they file into the stands. Yet despite their best efforts, El Tri have never made it past the quarter-finals at the tournament. Could that change in Qatar?

3. England

There aren’t many other World Cup nations who boast a more boisterous set of fans than England. Clad in white and red, they follow their team through thick and thin. And as you can see here, the supporters love sharing those feelings of ecstasy and pain together. This duo will no doubt be hoping that the Three Lions can better their fourth-place finish in 2018 at the 2022 tournament.

4. The Netherlands

When fans of the Netherlands arrive to watch their national team, they’re very hard to miss. It’s like looking at a sea of orange in the stands! And this trio here have a lot to be happy about. After missing out on the 2018 tournament, the Dutch are making their World Cup return in Qatar. With three final defeats to their name in 1974, 1978, and 2010, can they finally go one better in 2022?

5. Italy

Nope, you won’t just find 11 gladiators out on the pitch when Italy play — there are more than a few in the stands, too! As you can probably tell from this shot, the Azzurri’s fan base is as passionate, and eccentric, as they come. They’re not afraid to make a lot of noise, either. So, it’s extremely sad that we won’t be seeing the four-time World-Cup winners in Qatar. There’s always 2026, right?

6. Nigeria

There’s always a party-like atmosphere when Nigeria play their games at the World Cup. And that’s all down to their fantastic supporters. This snapshot perfectly illustrates the character and joy that they bring to the soccer tournament. Look at those smiles! But unfortunately for them, the Super Eagles didn’t qualify for the 2022 event. Their buoyant presence will be sorely missed in Qatar.

7. Japan

Japan’s soccer team made their first World Cup appearance back in 1998. And as the Samurai Blue took to the field, the global audience was finally introduced to their passionate fanbase. They’re a colorful bunch, and as you can see here, some of them aren’t afraid to dress up, either. We wonder if any more “bowling pins” will be spotted in the stands when Japan kick-off in Qatar?

8. Argentina

Argentina are an iconic World Cup name. They’ve won the tournament twice, and have boasted teams featuring some of the greatest soccer players in history. No wonder the dude here is smiling. The Albiceleste’s supporters are just as famous and formidable as the national side, and they’ll be hoping to go far at the 2022 event. Imagine this guy’s grin if Lionel Messi and company lift the trophy!

9. Croatia

Who knew that Shrek supported Croatia? It’s certainly news to us! Anyway, this shot should give you some idea as to how much character the Croat fanbase has. They’ve definitely had plenty to cheer about at the World Cup, coming third in their very first appearance in 1998. Then, the team made the final in 2018 — only for France to beat them. Could 2022 be their year? The famous ogre hopes so.

10. Germany

It’s sometimes easy to forget that people of all ages travel to the World Cup — it’s not just an event for younger supporters. And this shot here perfectly highlights that. Rocking some pretty cool gear, this couple joined the rest of Germany’s passionate supporters at the tournament. We’d be happy too if our nation had won it four times! Might a fifth success be on the cards in Qatar?

11. Senegal

The Senegalese soccer players must get such a buzz when they step out to play at the World Cup. Wouldn’t you if this was the sight that greeted you? Prior to 2022 these fans only graced the tournament twice, but they’ve left quite an impression. We’ll be seeing them again in Qatar, and it wouldn’t surprise us if they’re among the event’s biggest highlights.

12. Portugal

With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Joao Felix in the squad, Portugal’s fans have plenty of reasons to be pleased going into Qatar. Who’s to say they won’t win the World Cup for the first time? As you can probably note from the shot here, the supporters are passionate enough already, but imagine what lifting the trophy could do. This guy’s warbonnet might fly off!

13. Spain

With this guy leading the charge, no wonder Spain’s fans are considered as some of the most passionate in soccer. They’re loud and bursting with color! The supporters have certainly been rewarded for their efforts, as La Furia Roja won their first World Cup back in 2010. What they’d give to win number two in Qatar. That drum would get a real workout!

14. South Korea

Before 2002 South Korea’s displays at the World Cup had left a lot to be desired. But then, at the event they co-hosted with Japan, the team went on an incredible run, finishing fourth. And arguably the only thing better than their performances on the pitch was the support from their fans: they were amazing. And as this picture shows, they’ve carried that passion into the tournaments that followed. We’ll be seeing them in Qatar.

15. Denmark

This shot is yet another reminder that you’ll always see a Viking or two when Denmark take to the field at the World Cup. The Danes boast a vociferous fanbase who give everything from the stands. Anyway, this guy will be hoping that their support can help the team surpass their quarter-final finish in 1998 once things get going in Qatar. That’s the furthest they’ve ever been.

16. Chile

From the facepaint to the headwear, these Chilean fans definitely made their presence felt while supporting their nation at the World Cup. And they’re not alone in that respect — La Roja’s followers are among the most boisterous in all South-American soccer. Given the competition, that’s saying something! So keeping that in mind, this rowdy bunch will be missed in Qatar, as Chile failed to qualify.

17. Cameroon

You can always rely on the Cameroonian fans to dress up in some eye-catching outfits at the World Cup. Just take these guys as an example: they’re a fantastic addition whenever the Indomitable Lions appear at the tournament. The African nation missed out on the 2018 event, so the supporters will be looking to make up for lost time in Qatar. We can’t wait to see them!

18. Uruguay

Uruguay wrote their name in the history books by winning the inaugural World Cup back in 1930. Then, they lifted the trophy again in 1950. But while the national team haven’t been able to repeat those successes in the years that followed, their fans have stuck with them. As you can see here, La Celeste’s supporters are a really passionate bunch, and they’ll be praying to win title number three in 2022.

19. France

With two World Cup trophies in the bank, France are among the tournament’s most successful nations. And unsurprisingly, their fans absolutely love it! This shot perfectly captures that, with the crowd imitating their heroes on the pitch. As the current holders, will those supporters be celebrating back-to-back victories when the 2022 event comes to a close? It’ll be quite the party if they are.

20. USA

Following the disappointment of missing out on the 2018 tournament, the United States soccer team have bounced back to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. On that note, something tells us that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in Qatar over the next few weeks. The Stars and Stripes will be flying in the stands, as the passionate American supporters back their boys. Do they still believe that they can win?

21. USA — Drew Carey

American TV star Drew Carey certainly thinks they can! The funnyman loves soccer, and has invested in the MLS club Seattle Sounders. He really enjoys watching the U.S. play at the international level. He’s even reportedly taken on photography jobs in the past, just to get to the games. He apparently took photos at the 2006 World Cup! Of course, every nation that has competed in the World Cup has famous fans...

22. Mexico — Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has never been quiet about her passion for the Mexican soccer team. She loves sharing snaps on social media of her and her family wearing their jerseys. The actress actually has some pretty big ties to Mexican soccer; she’s even the part-owner of a club there. Together with a ragtag group of investors, including model Kate Upton and footballer Mesut Ozil, Longoria took out a stake in Club Necaxa.

23. Poland — Russell Crowe

During the Euro 2016 Championship, the Polish national side had an unlikely supporter: following a win against Ukraine, actor Russell Crowe took to the internet to send his congrats. And it came as quite the surprise to Polish fans and the team. The reason for his support for the country wasn’t entirely clear at the time, but it would surely be welcome for this World Cup, too.

24. England — Elton John

Elton John is a huge soccer fan. He was actually appointed as the chairman of his childhood team, Watford F.C., in 1976, and his tenure was wildly successful for the club. The pop star’s kids are also big soccer enthusiasts, and during the 2018 World Cup Elton uploaded a picture of them in their England jerseys. The family will surely be behind their country again this time around.

25. Senegal — Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra was a highly successful footballer in his day, winning major trophies at the club level and representing France internationally. The defender was actually born in Senegal, though, and he regrets not playing for them instead of France. We know which country he’ll be cheering for at the upcoming World Cup, then.

26. Wales — Catherine Zeta-Jones

Despite all the glitz and glamor of making it to Hollywood, Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn’t forgotten her roots. She’s been known to follow her native Wales in their various soccer endeavors, showing her support on Instagram. After one particularly special victory in 2016 she wrote, “Cymru am byth.” That’s Welsh for “Wales forever.”

27. Netherlands — Tiësto

A look through DJ and producer Tiësto’s Twitter account quickly shows you how much the Dutchman loves soccer. He’s described himself, in the clearest way possible, as “a big football fan.” There’s no question, then, that he’ll be glued to the competition this winter in Qatar, getting behind his native Netherlands.

28. Argentina — Pope Francis

Pope Francis is famously a big soccer fan. He supports San Lorenzo, a club based in his native city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He’s even met the country’s main man Lionel Messi. It’s a safe bet to presume, then, he’ll be behind his country at this upcoming World Cup.

29. Canada — Ryan Reynolds

Until recently, the worlds of football and Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t necessarily have gone hand in hand. But that changed after he and fellow actor Rob McElhenney bought Welsh side Wrexham. Now, Reynolds is addicted to watching his team play and will surely enthusiastically support his country Canada when they start their World Cup campaign.

30. Saudi Arabia — Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman caused a massive stir in the world of English football in 2021 when an investment fund he controls took over the Premier League club Newcastle. The Crown Prince’s country is competing at this year’s World Cup, so he’ll presumably be throwing support behind this team.

31. Switzerland — Roger Federer

When Roger Federer was growing up in Switzerland, it wasn’t all about tennis. He was also into soccer, particularly his team F.C. Basel. That love has endured into adulthood, and he regularly attends their games even now. The tennis ace will surely be right behind the Swiss players in Qatar.

32. Ecuador — Antonio Valencia

During his footballing career, Antonio Valencia developed a reputation as one of Ecuador’s greatest ever players. He won some of the highest honors available at club level with Manchester United, and he represented his country at several World Cups and Copas Américas. He retired from the game in 2021, which means he’ll be getting behind his country this year as a fan.

33. Australia — Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is probably more of a rugby fan than soccer. Still, he doesn’t shy away from the game. He’s been pictured attending MLS matches in the past, plus he’s said to support English team Norwich. His eyes will surely be on the Qatar World Cup, then, as his native Australia competes.

34. France — Gerard Depardieu

Gérard Depardieu has plenty of links to soccer. For one thing, the French thespian is known to have been pals with Sepp Blatter, the one-time head of FIFA. Plus, he starred in a film about that organization. He gets behind his national team when they’re competing, and he’ll be desperate to see them retain their World Cup trophy this time around.

35. Denmark — Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich was born in Denmark. And away from his drum kit, he’s actually a massive soccer fan. The rock star supports Chelsea, and has been to plenty of games in his time. He’ll surely be keeping a keen eye on Denmark’s progress in Qatar this winter.

36. Tunisia — José Clayton

José Clayton started his soccer career in his native Brazil, but that’s certainly not where he ended it. He really took off as a player when he was signed by Tunisian club Étoile du Sahel, which laid the groundwork for him to represent the North African country at an international level. Clayton fell in love with Tunisia, and has actually stayed there even in retirement. He’ll most certainly be throwing his support behind them at the World Cup.

37. Spain — Enrique Iglesias

Even though he moved to America when he was a kid, pop star Enrique Iglesias’ footballing loyalties stayed with his native Spain. He loves soccer, and he’ll undoubtedly be cheering on the Spaniards at this year’s World Cup. He loves the competition, as he explained to CNN before the 2010 tournament. He said, “The World Cup is the only time my career comes second. It’s crucial to me.”

38. Iran — Googoosh

One of Iran’s greatest stars is musician and actor Googoosh, who’s enjoyed a long career across many decades. Googoosh has been known to get behind her country’s soccer team in the past, like at the 2018 World Cup. In the run-up to that tournament, she took to the internet to complain of how impatient she was feeling for the competition to start. Presumably she feels the same way this time around.

39. Costa Rica — David Patey

An American businessman named David Patey got quite the surprise after buying the Costa Rican soccer team Club Sport Herediano: the deal made him famous in the country. He didn’t know very much about the sport before then, but now he says he understands the passion that people pour into it. Coupled with the fact that he loves Costa Rica, it’s a safe bet who he’ll be supporting at the World Cup.

40. Germany — Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger was born in Germany, but moved to France later in her life. Still, her allegiances to the German soccer team were never in doubt. In fact, when the two sides played each other in 2013, the star was photographed in the crowd cheering on the country of her birth. In the end, they won 2-1.

41. Japan — Emperor Akihito

One of the people in the stands during Japan’s World Cup campaign in 2002 was the country’s own Emperor Akihito. He abdicated from the throne in 2019 which means he’ll probably have even more time to keep abreast of the team’s progress at the 2022 tournament. His country play Germany in their first game.

42. Belgium — Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme loves his soccer, especially when his native Belgium are playing. During the last World Cup he got behind his team online, wishing them luck and posting a photo of himself with star player Kevin De Bruyne. The actor will no doubt be hoping for the best again this time around.

43. Morocco — Gad Elmaleh

Born and raised in Morocco, funnyman Gad Elmaleh remains a staunch supporter of the country’s soccer team. The comedian has found fame in the United States and particularly in France, but when the World Cup rolls around, there’ll only be one country for whom he’ll be cheering. After Morocco qualified for the 2018 tournament, he tweeted his congratulations to the team and exclaimed, “Long live Morocco.”

44. Croatia — Robert and Kym Herjavec

Dancer Kym Herjavec may have her loyalties to her homeland of Australia called into question at this World Cup. Her husband — the businessman and TV personality Robert — is from Croatia, and will certainly be supporting the country. In the past, Kym has uploaded a photo of their kids wearing Croatia jerseys, so it’s safe to say she’ll be behind them too — so long as they’re not facing Australia!

45. Brazil — Gisele Bündchen

The world-famous model Gisele Bündchen is said to come from a soccer-loving family, which isn’t a huge surprise. The sport, after all, is a massive deal in her homeland of Brazil. No doubt she’ll be throwing all her support behind the country as it looks to bring the World Cup home for a record sixth time.

46. Serbia — Novak Djokovic

When Serbia got a result against Portugal in the campaign to reach the Qatar World Cup, one super-fan went absolutely crazy. In a video uploaded to the internet, this man can be seen screaming down the camera and thrashing his fists in an extremely manic fashion. The name of this passionate supporter was Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis icon.

47. Qatar — Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

The monarch of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has immersed himself in the world of soccer over the last decade or so. His country owns the French club Paris Saint Germain, after a full takeover was completed in 2012. Qatar is now hosting the World Cup, which the Emir will surely be watching closely.

48. Cameroon — Ngando Pickett

There probably isn’t a soccer fan more well-known and beloved in all of Cameroon than Henry Mouyebe. But people in the country are probably more familiar with his alter ego of Ngando Pickett. Whenever the country competes in an international soccer match, it’s a safe bet you’ll see Pickett in the ground, decked out and painted in his country’s colors.

49. Portugal — Sara Sampaio

Sara Sampaio doesn’t shy away from expressing her disappointment whenever her country Portugal plays badly. The Victoria’s Secret model has been known to fire off impassioned tweets when the team play — and she doesn’t hold back. She’ll likely be giving her two cents once the Qatar World Cup is under way.

50. Ghana — M.anifest

The rapper known as M.anifest is an icon in his homeland of Ghana. He’s a big soccer fan, too, and he’s even written lyrics referencing the stress he feels watching his country play. In his song “Suffer,” you’ll hear the words, “Tension dey my inside like Ghana dey play soccer.” He may be in for some more anxious moments when Ghana kick off their campaign in Qatar.

51. Uruguay — Natalia Oreiro

Singer Natalia Oreiro is a big star in her country of Uruguay. That status has seen her belt out the national anthem at the country’s soccer games in the past. Plus, she also released a song for the 2018 World Cup! She’s tied very closely to her country’s team and will surely be behind them again this time around.

52. South Korea — IU

K-pop star IU has been known to get behind South Korean soccer teams in the past. Back in 2012 photos emerged of her supporting her country as it competed in the football competition at the Olympics. She’s presumably looking forward to seeing her team show up in Qatar for the World Cup. That covers the most famous fan of each team... but what about the greatest players to have ever appeared for each country?