Bottles for 55% Beer Created Using Recycled Roadkill

Yes, you are seeing right! Above we have a squirrel made immortal! Not, however, through the ingestion of alcohol, but through taxidermy art – built around a beer with a beast of an alcoholic content: 55%! This is Brewdog Brewery’s roadkill beer, a 765-dollar beer served in the bodies of squirrels, stoats and a hare. Cheap to buy it most certainly wasn’t. Bizarre? You betcha!

Brewdog calls its “End of History” line a “perfect conceptual marriage between art, taxidermy and craft brewing.” The name of the line of 12 beers came from the book, The End of History and the Last Man, by Francis Fukuyama, suggesting that Roadkill beer is to beer what democracy is to history – an interesting analogy to say the least.

Some of these beers-cum-dead-animals are dressed in their finest clothes: a squirrel in top hat and tails, a stoat in his tartan finest. James Watt, Brewdog’s Managing Director, says: “It was all roadkill we got from a taxidermist. They are all animals that were dead anyway. We think to use dead animals in this way is much better than for them to be left to rot on the roadside.” Comforting to know that there’s an element of creative recycling, rather than cruelty, behind these products!

The beer also comes complete with drinking instructions: “This 55% beer should be drank in small servings whilst exuding an endearing pseudo vigilance and reverence for Mr Stoat. This is to be enjoyed with a weather eye on the horizon for inflatable alcohol industry Nazis, judgemental washed up neo-prohibitionists or any grandiloquent, ostentatious foxes.” We get the impression Brewdog are the bad boys – or perhaps mavericks – of the alcohol industry!

For those beer lovers who want some of this bizarre beer, we’re sorry to report that they are all sold out, but Brewdog still has a couple of other extra-strength beers – albeit not served in roadkill! The 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin beer and 41% Sink the Bismark are still available. We have to wonder what the company will come up with next after this unique marketing plan!

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