10 Oldest People in History

10 Oldest People in HistoryPhoto: Endlessdan

When we think about getting old, 100 sounds like milestone most of would be happy to reach. However, not content with the title of centenarians, the extraordinary individuals listed in the article linked to here all made it past their 115th birthdays!

“Over the course of history,” we’re informed, “a handful of ‘super humans’ have beaten the odds by living well beyond even the most generous life-expectancy predictions. In the process, these elderly survivors have broken the mold, challenging traditional theories of longevity and human life span.”

Each of them lived different lifestyles – some even drank and smoked until late in life – yet all witnessed events that seem incongruous alongside one another given the stretches of time separating them.

The secrets of their long lives may yet to be be revealed, but these amazing human beings are fascinating in themselves. Hit the link to read about the 10 Oldest People in History.