7 Incredible Sand Sculptures

Castle Rook ManPhoto:
All images by pandora_6666

Many of us who were lucky enough to live near the sea will have fond memories of days playing in the sand with a shovel and pail. Some people took their talents a little further and got to work crafting incredible sand sculptures, like these sand artists in Norfolk, Virginia.

Sand Pirates with TreasurePhoto:

The first stop on our nautical tale is the impressive carving of a crowd of cheerful pirates unloading their recently acquired treasure onto shore. Armed with their shovels, the pirates prepare to bury their spoils underground. Wait until they see what this seashore holds for them!

Sand Seascape SculpturePhoto:

Before they get a moment’s breath, the pirate gang sees a great tower protruding from the sandy coast. It is in the shape of an underwater spire and is covered with ocean life. The pirates have never seen such majesty on dry land. Their treasure forgotten, they investigate the unlikely structure.

Sand Conch ShellPhoto:

They discover that the monolith is entirely made of seashells. Some of them notice a great conch shell, the herald of the sirens, and declare the monument a bad omen. The captain forges on, his curiosity peaked.

Sand Mermaid Meets FishmanPhoto:

Pressing onward down the shore, the crew discovers an incredible sight: a mermaid maiden being serenaded by a lovesick fish-man. The brave pirates listen in awe, as romance blooms right before their eyes. They back away slowly, one by one, unaware that they have been spotted.

King Neptune and the Sea DragonPhoto:

The King of the sea, King Neptune, has found the motley crew spying on his fair daughter. Declaring them trespassers in his noble realm, he calls forth a great sea dragon to rid his seaside kingdom of the intruders.

Sand Church Made of Giant FingersPhoto:

The pirates scramble from the monstrous beast, seeking sanctuary in the nearest building: a church. What they did not notice as they fled inside was that the church was constructed of giant fingers. The poor pirates may have escaped a watery grave, but another, more sinister fate may befall them.