The 54ft Man Built from Recycled Crates

We’ve all seen statues, both antique and modern. Artists create sculptures out of just about anything they can put their hands on. Well, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company that brought you Coca-Cola decided to venture into the art world with a creation that is hard to match. Some of you may have seen the safety cone-man street prank… well, this is no prank.

Johannesburg’s crate man is a legitimate work of art in the middle of the town square. After some research, though, it turns out Coca-Cola’s statue, while very neat, is not original. In fact, the Milk-Crate Man has been created by many an artist in the past. Mr. Coca-Cola, though, is red and frankly… rather gargantuan. In fact, the crate man towers over the city so high that it makes one feel as if he is a real Jack and the Beanstalk.

At 54 feet tall, he was somewhat of a mascot of the World Cup along with Paul the Octopus. In the above image, I can only imagine what the worker is thinking… a scene straight out of King Kong, only the Empire State Building is a red crate person and the damsel in distress a construction worker.

Johannesburg's Crate GiantPhoto: warrenski

Part of a global recycling initiative, Mr. Coca-Cola is only one in a large community of crate-lover art. A new direction in recycled art, this could spawn a new craze. Test your talent and creativity, make a crate man of your own! Of course,that would involve quite a bit of Coca-Cola or other products, so pick wisely.

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