This Is Why It’s COOL To Play With Your Food

The Last Supper with the GingermenPhoto:
All images via the Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery

Artist Ju Duoqi loves to play with her food by using vegetables to re-create famous historical scenes and form familiar self-portraits. Carefully chosen and painstakingly positioned by Ju, potatoes, ginger root, tofu, cabbage, onions and cucumbers all come to life as actors instead of eats. The Last Supper gets a whole new meaning when the supper – and those eating it – are edible too.

Ju’s first foray into vegetable art started with the creation of a fabulous ensemble made of several kilograms of peas in 2006. Over the next two years, she frequently scoured local markets in search of subjects to play starring roles in her Vegetable Museum, a collection of photographs based on world-renowned paintings. For instance, in her re-staging of La Liberté Guidant le Peuple, which she named La Liberté Guidant les Légumes (Liberty Leading the Vegetables), she calls upon a large cast to re-enact the epic scene:

Against that fiery fried-egg backdrop, this woman who emanates onion smells from her breast and carries a spring onion spear in her left hand and a wood ear flag in her right, draped in a tofu skin robe, leads the vegetable people forward. The yam soldiers, with their bewildering little round eyes raise a cabbage banner…Each of the potato-head soldiers has a different expression…On the ground lies the body of a winter melon soldier, with rotting ketchup flowing out of his body like blood. The battleground is strewn with rotting vegetable leaves.

Take a look, and see how many vegetables, and how many paintings you can recognize.

1. Liberty Leading the Vegetables
Liberty Leading the VegetablesPhoto:

2. Mona Tofu
Mona Lisa made of tofuPhoto:

3. The Raft of the Lotus Roots
The Raft of the Lotus RootsPhoto:

4. The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Pickled Cabbage
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Pickled CabbagePhoto:

5. Cabbage Monroe
Marilyn Monroe made of cabbagePhoto:

6. Pickled Cucumber on the Volga
Pickled Cucumber on the VolgaPhoto:

7. Van Gogh made of Leek
Van Gogh made of LeekPhoto:

8. The Last Supper with the Gingermen
The Last Supper with the GingermenPhoto:

9. The Scream of the Sweet Potatoes
The Scream of Sweet PotatoesPhoto:

10. Napoleon on Potatoes
Napoleon on PotatoesPhoto:

11. The Birth of the Gingermen
The Birth of the GingermenPhoto:

12. Picasso with Onions and Noodles
Picasso with Onions and NoodlesPhoto:

To see more of Ju Duoqi’s Vegetable Museum, visit the Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery.

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