Farming Chickens in a Manhattan Basement
He lives in New York, so is better than you. Image from joyseph

A 62-year old man is raising chickens in the basement of the Manhattan high-rise that he’s superintendent for, a posh building near the UN that has many condos starting at 1.8 Million US.

The superintendent, who is planning to retire but hasn’t specified a date, says he keeps the chicks in the building for a few days before transporting them to a farm he owns upstate. The health department doesn’t seem to care. They claim that chicks are legal to raise in New York, and only roosters are banned from the city, presumably to stop reproduction as well as cockfighting.

With dozens of the little darlings running around at any one time, the old man confesses that it appears that he’s raising them, but every weekend he transports his chicks–and bunnies, and whatever else has appeared at his city residence that’s destined for the country– to the farm, where they stay permanently.