Hawk Attacks Little Girl

Ah, Boston. Home to the Celtics, the Red Sox, 40 year-old men who go by “Tommy” and “Jimmy”, and now, a fierce predator that picks off preteen girls with extreme prejudice.

1338373260205734514.jpgHe sees your Jonas Brothers t-shirt, little girl, and it makes him angry. Grarr. Image from mot the hopple on Flickr

A student touring Boston’s historic Fenway Park on Thursday was attacked by a red-tailed hawk while in the upper deck behind home plate. The girl, who wasn’t seriously harmed but was treated to an ambulance ride anyway, was in the stadium because her school group, from Memorial Boulevard Middle School in Bristol, Connecticut, was taking a tour.

The hawk, which is a female, had made a nest near the press box, and was welcomed by club officials before diving, talons first, into the young woman; the nest and egg were both relocated under the direction of the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife.

I think it’s worth noting here, that less than a week into the 2008 baseball season, the hawk was obviously caught up in a display of team spirit. Bristol, CT (motto: Get out of the traffic and hassle of Hartford), is roughly equidistant between New York and Boston, but my understanding is that the home of ESPN is the territory of the New York Yankees, and perhaps the hawk, like so many Red Sox fans after a pint, was merely making her displeasure at the proximity of a rival known.