Snake Attacks Man’s Penis

brown snake bites man's penis When you answer to nature’s call sometimes she says ‘hello’ back. Via

Imagine a common scenario: you’ve been driving for hours, you’re hot, partially sweaty and full to the brim, you’ve recently missed that ‘turn here’ sign and that next sign ain’t appearing on the horizon line any time soon, so you stop the car, do your business and then drive on, right?

Wrong this is a story of a man whose penis was bitten by a snake.

It certainly had a swipe at him, but it didn’t envenomate him.’- ambulance driver.

The man who has been unnamed for obvious reasons, was a tourist driving through a road in Queensland, on nearing the Town of Laura he realized he couldn’t hold it in any longer and decided to make a toilet stop. At the side of the road he undid his pants and crouched down.  Only moments later, a venomous brown snake had slithered through his legs and bitten his “Prince Albert.”
The tourist miraculously survived, as an ambulance spokesman elegantly explained ‘It certainly had a swipe at him, but it didn’t envenomate him.’ He was treated at the scene by having his penis wrapped in plastic. It was later confirmed that no poison had spread.
He did however receive a savage gouging to his gonads and tip, and a heavy combo of multiple vomiting and stomach pains. After recovering at the hospital he quotes with hindsight “I’m a bit shocked and embarrassed but I’m lucky.’

(Obviously he was referring to his life, not his manhood).