Freecycling: Get Your Very Own Trailer

This opportunity is too good to pass up. This supercool blog is giving away a caravan (trailer home in the US) to the first person who can collect it!
Not like this. Way nicer, as it happens. Image from asmundur

Of course, beyond the fact that all you have to do is drop a line in the comments at TWGB and you can be the proud owner of one of these bad boys, this calls to light one of the best practices of an eco-friendly lifestyle: freecycling. We have this awful habit, as a modern society, to trash things when we no longer need them, and that’s just…what’s the word I’m looking for here…stupid. Why not give it away?

There’s even a website to assist in all of this:— sort of a craigslist for non-sexual things– that has as a mission to get people to think outside the box a little bit, and ask that if they don’t need something, maybe somebody else might. It’s worth checking out, and if you want a trailer, you may want to take a look at what TWGB has to offer, too.