Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names That Make Us Scratch Our Heads

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently named their daughter North West – we guess that when you’re rich and famous it seems perfectly logical to give your baby a moniker that doubles as a Tom Tom instruction. However, they’re far from the only offenders in the unusual name stakes – celebrities have been awarding their offspring odd labels for a while now.

Award-winning actor Ving Rhames seems to have been less inspired by his role in Pulp Fiction than the fiction of Frank L. Baum when it came to naming his daughter. Reignbeau Rhames may very well wish she were anywhere but home, though, when she’s being called by her parents.

We’re not quite sure where the man who played Rocky danced with wolves, but maybe it happened when we weren’t looking. Sylvester Stallone is a proud Italian-American who, to our knowledge, doesn’t have any Native American blood in him. Despite that, though, Stallone saw fit to name his son Sage Moonblood. We’re still trying to make sense of that one.

Former Numb3rs star Rob Morrow and his wife have also ‘blessed’ their daughter with the name Tu. That’s right – and unfortunately we can’t stop singing “the sun will come out, Tu Morrow” when we hear her mentioned.

Back in 1995, Alicia Silverstone was Clueless. We’re afraid she still may be. What was she thinking when she named her baby boy Bear Blu? Yes, that’s his name! Maybe we’re clueless too. All we want to know is… why?

Our original intention with this article was to only include five celebrity baby names, but when we stumbled across this one, we just couldn’t resist. Mistresses actress Shannyn Sossamon must be a real Jeopardy! fan. How do we know? She named her baby boy Audio Science. Can’t you hear it? “I’ll take Audio Science for 1,000, Alex.”

Duke and Duchess of CambridgeImage: Carfax2

However, some celebrity child names are eminently more sensible. The new royal baby has been dubbed Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – a traditional set of names that seem fit for a future king, but which score pretty low in the wackiness stakes.

Still, we can’t help wondering what the reception for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son would have been like if, as one Twitter user suggested, he had been called ‘Snape’ – it would have been an entirely fitting name for a Half-(royal) Blood Prince.