Only Education Can Heal the Environment

Maldives IslandsPhoto: nattu
Ready to Report to Change the World: Destination One – The Maldives

I have been looking to travel for a while and note how the natural environment has been affected by climate change and misinformation.

This opportunity presents just that and I hope to be able to accurately and fairly write exactly what I see in the Maldives. Carbon offsetting is just one piece of the global warming solutions puzzle. There will need to be hundreds of other complimentary pieces, programs, laws and efforts that will all need to be orchestrated and delivered to the public in a seamless, user friendly way. In order to effectively have a good cap and trade market, millions of people will need to understand exactly how the market will affect them and how they can contribute. The only way to do this from 2010 on, is through the inter-connectivity of the web and the limitless possibilities of a stream of factual, concrete, peer-reviewed, accepted knowledge which can be made available to the world with a click of the mouse.

To answer the question: transparency, cohesion, and the fight to be heard and the demand for legitimate change are the answers instead of a more comprehensive carbon offsetting program that will inevitably be raped and whittled down to another farce, cloaked in greed.

Can we all think? I hope so!