20 Ingenious Clothing Hacks That Will Save You A Whole Heap Of Money

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Everyone has their cherished, go-to items in their clothes closet, but sometimes these treasured items can look tired and done. Unsightly stains, rips and runs, and obnoxious odors can all consign classic garments to the garbage. But before you dump those designer duds, try on these clothing hacks for size. They could bring about a new lease of life for your most adored apparel. Or just help reorganize your wardrobe into something a little more manageable. Either way, these 20 make-do-and-mend trend tips can save you both time and money…

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20. Don’t give up – throw in the towel

We have all been there – you are just about to go out, when you realize the item you wanted to wear is still damp from the wash and time is of the essence. Instead of changing your mind about your outfit, try chucking your first-choice into the dryer alongside a dry towel. Apparently, the addition speeds up the process and will help dry your desired garment much more quickly.


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19. Grease is not the word

Got a greasy glob on your gear that just will not disappear? Don’t get in a lather – dish soap is your friend. After all, you already use it to remove problematic grease from your dinnerware, so why not from your outerwear? In fact, dish soap is even strong enough to shift old stains as well as fresh ones – just make sure to get a petroleum-based soap, rather than a plant-based version.

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18. Close shave to save style

If you know what pilling means, it is probably because it is the bane of your fashion life already. But chances are that you are perfectly familiar with the pilling problem, even if you are unaware of the technical term. Yes, pilling is when the fibers from your clothes form tiny balls all over your clothing, making the item look ragged. Thankfully, however, there is an easy fix for the sharp-minded – just take a razor to them.

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17. Jean genius to get you out of a hole


Ripped jeans seem to never go out of style, but they can go out of use if the tears grow into full-blown holes. But if you are just not ready to ditch your most desirable denims just yet, you could give them a peek-a-boo primp. Try wearing some classy lacy tights underneath, and suddenly those junky old jeans just got fresh and funky.

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16. Hulk lets rip

Or, if lacy tights are not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to renovate those out-size rips. For instance, you could go for a fun fabric, such as this superhero-themed print, to add some real quirk to your getup. Simply cut out the required size of material and use iron-on strips to bond the patch with the inside of the trouser leg. Et voila – a Marvel-ous pair of jeans.


15. Sharpie and to the point

Not all stains on clothing can be easily removed. In fact, when it comes to bleach splashes, your best bet is to simply cover them up. Indeed, a permanent marker pen can do the trick just fine – at least on dark clothing. Yes, simply ink over the offending spot and nobody will know the difference.

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14. Pads are not just for shoulders

Sweat patches can be the bane of human existence when the weather is overly warm, but sometimes deodorant just makes things worse. After all, lay it on too thick and it can easily transfer to your threads. But to avoid awkward armpit stains, simply pop a panty liner under the inside of your sleeve top. There is nothing like it to absorb any unwanted moisture in the muggy heat.

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13. Avoid footing the bill


Everyone loves getting new shoes, but absolutely no-one loves breaking them in. Thankfully, there is a way to fast-track that fraught and painful process. To avoid feeling the pinch, pop a pair of plastic bags full of water in your new footwear and chuck them in the freezer overnight. The water will freeze and expand the bags and then your shoes, taking the pain-load off your feet going forward.

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12. Seriously cool jeans

They say you should avoid washing new raw denim for at least six months. But even if you go to great lengths to keep your jeans stain-free, they are not necessarily stench-free. The fabric can start to smell after a while, thanks to the bacteria that builds up. Thankfully, there is an alternative – freezing the denim. Yep, this method will kill off the bacteria responsible and leave your jeans smelling as good as new.

Image: André Karwath aka Aka

11. Brewing a bad whiff


Shoes and gym bags are not exactly made to be tossed in the laundry, but the odor both can generate can be nose-numbingly noxious. If you are trying to kill off this terrible tang, then try treating your smelly shoes or bag to a few dry tea bags. Apparently, they have the power to absorb the awful aroma and leave your bag or shoes smelling perfectly normal.

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10. Should have put a ring on it

Tired of looking a fool with your fly down? Luckily, there is a solution out there, and a pretty easy one at that. Just grab a keyring, loop it into the eye of your zip, then hook it around the button of your jeans. Fold the other flap over the top and nobody will even notice it’s there. However, make sure that you don’t forget it’s there, or it could make that dash to the bathroom eventful.

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9. New tights? Just chill…


Buying new tights can be a frustrating affair. After all, the sheer leg-wear can all too easily be snagged, torn or laddered. This can all be avoided, however, by running the tights under water, squeezing out the excess liquid and then freezing them overnight in a plastic bag. You only have to do it once, and it will make the material super-resistant.

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8. Don’t whine about stains

If you have been using regular laundry detergent as a catch-all for stains, you may be in for a surprise. It seems that there are actually specific liquids that will do a much better job – depending on the type of stain. White wine works a treat for removing red wine spills, ink blotches can be banished with milk, and hydrogen peroxide is great for bleaching out blood.

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7. Stationery solution to bra faux pas


Are your bra straps poking out, or otherwise ruining your perfectly planned outfit? Don’t panic – just head to your stationery supplies and pick out a paperclip. Yep, the handy little item can clasp together the straps behind your back to conceal them. Or the clip can even be used to transform the undergarment into a racerback style to complement your dress.

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6. Step out in style

If you are tired of your tall boots flopping around and messing up your wardrobe or shoe rack, grab yourself a pair of pool noodles. If these foam flotation devices are too long, you can always cut them down to size, but it will be totally worth it. Yes, they will help your boots stand completely upright, saving space, keeping their shape and avoiding ugly creasing.



5. Heal those heels

If you own suede shoes, then you will know how fatal a simple stain can be to this form of footgear. Thankfully, there is a reprieve available for this death sentence, even if you have forgone prevention in the form of a protective spray. Unbelievably, a little micellar water can remove stains from suede entirely. Really, is there anything this wonder product can’t do?

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4. Run into trouble? Get it nailed

Just ruined a pair of tights with a run or rip? Well, don’t make haste to put them in the waste just yet. Instead, pop the tights on and apply nail polish to the ladders or tears. Once the cosmetic product has dried, snip away any loose threads. This method will not be able to seal a hole, but it will prevent it from getting any bigger. This way tights can be stopped from becoming totally unwearable. Indeed, a rip does not have to mean R.I.P.

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3. Suppress that shirt and stay slim


Layering a sweater with a bulky shirt underneath can really do no favors for your figure. So to keep things form-fitting and your silhouette svelte, you may want to try adding a tank top between the two layers. This extra garment will press the shirt down, keeping it tight against the body, allowing the sweater to look sweet. A word to the wise, however – attempting this in the summer will lend your look a different meaning of sweater all together.

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2. Don’t get hit in the pocket when pregnant

Maternity wear can be enough of a punch to the purse as it is without fretting about your jeans. After all, as you grow bigger, you will just end up spending way too much buying more and more pairs. Instead, try removing the pockets from your existing denims, and stitching in some stretchable fabric. Hey presto – jeans that can expand with you.

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1. One last thing to get straight


Setting up the ironing board just to get a crease out of your collar is far more hassle than it is worth. Then again, it is sometimes important to look smart. So, what can you do? Well, you could always resort to using a pair of hair straighteners. After all, they are often known as hair irons, and the tool is a handy size for dealing with collars or any other accessible wrinkles come to that.