Intoxicating Microscopic Images of Alcoholic Drinks

Japanese Dry LagarPhoto: Less HuttJapanese dry lager under the microscope
All images courtesy of Bevshots, used with permission

It’s very likely that you are one of the majority of people who has seen alcoholic drinks in two formats: in a pretty glass or vomited onto the floor. Chances are that you haven’t seen alcohol like this!

American pale ale
American Pale AlePhoto: Less Hutt

In 1992, a brilliant scientist named Michael Davidson
decided to up the ante of his awesome 25 years of microscopic research
and freeze (crystalize) alcoholic drinks and place a sample of each of
them under a microscope.

Normally, he would place crystallized DNA under his standard light microscope. But, he was having a hard time getting funding for his research at his lab at Florida State University. Neckties was one of his “uncooked” ideas. But, an unnamed person suggested featuring cocktails on those ties. An epiphany struck Michael like lightning, and the rest was history.

ScotchScotchPhoto: Less Hutt

Lester Hutt from Bev Shots was intrigued and bought the rights of the microscopic photos thereafter. Needless to say, Michael Davidson got his funding and then some.

Iced tea
Iced TeaPhoto: Less Hutt

Apple then took a keen interest and partnered with Lester to use the pictures on their iPhones and other products. However, Lester is still the blessed owner of these inspiring pictures.

Cosmopolitan Martini
Cosmo MartiniPhoto: Less Hutt

One can buy many products from Bevshots like coasters, prints, fine prints or anything for that hard to impress gift receiver!

CrownPhoto: Less Hutt

German pilsner
German PilsnerPhoto: Less Hutt

The prints range anywhere from $25 to $549 – just pick your poison! Metallic prints start at $37.99 for the 11 x 14 sizes. One can’t argue, these prices can’t be beat. (I am thinking of getting a print for my baby sister who has champagne tastes – literally!)

German lambic
German LambicPhoto: Less Hutt

ChablisPhoto: Less Hutt

Remember, none of these images have been altered or enhanced. These are true nature’s beauty! They are merely frozen samples of alcoholic drinks place on microscope slides. The light reflecting through those slides create these images and colors.

White zinfandel
White ZinfandelPhoto: Less Hutt

Vodka Tonic
VodkaPhoto: Less Hutt

SakePhoto: Less Hutt

English Oatmeal Stout
English Oatmeal StoutPhoto: Less Hutt

My favorites are the English Oatmeal Stout and the Belgian Lambic, though I am a Margarita drinker. Even if you aren’t one to “partake in the drink”, you will find true joy in these gorgeous images.

ColaPhoto: Less Hutt

If you want to check out more of these stunning images, there are a total of 50 images on Bevshots.

With special thanks to Bevshots for granting us permission to use their images in this article.