PETA’s Meat: Worst. Meat. Evar?

Oh dear, not PETA again…
Image from Flickr

This time, they are not doing one of their usual stunts. Interestingly, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have announced an ambitious competition and prize, with a deadline to make even the brightest scientist prepare for a lot of long nights: one million dollars for anyone who can grow meat in a test tube by 2012.

The reward will be issued to any scientist who can get in-vitro chicken on the market at a competitive price in 10 U.S. states, marking a desire to see a practical policy application, as well as the innovation itself.

PETA may have chosen too large a mountain in too short a time frame here. Being already a third of the way through 2008 leaves only three years to invent the answer and then get it FDA-approved. However, without a doubt, the potential of a large windfall will lure many scientists into the field. One can’t help wondering however, what will this meat taste like? Will it be like a mutated version of tofu? Why would anyone approve that? And what of PETA’s bonkers and over the top marketing for humans to accept a vegetarian lifestyle?

That policy hasn’t gone away, and the staff of the organization almost split over the decision to, in effect, endorse meat-eating. In a statement they claimed that since people are “unwilling to kick their meat addictions” that PeTA was attempting to minimize the suffering associated with them.

I’ll just tuck into my 12oz steak then.