Potato Chips Get Eco-Friendly

Frito-Lay, after realizing how much energy it takes for its factories to make (not to mention eat) potato chips, has announced that it will take an Arizona factory off the grid.

frito factory

The design is capable of reducing electricity and water consumption 90%. And the company was only aiming for a 50% reduction. In total, greenhouse gas reduction could be at up to 75%.

The factory has a totally revolutionary design.

Most waste produced by the factory can be and will be used. Potato peelings will be used to fertilize farmland. Filters will recycle wastewater and use it to power the factory. Other wastewater will be burned to produce methane to power boilers.

The factory also does the small things. More fuel efficient ovens have been purchased, along with vacuum hoses to absorb moisture from the taters. Less moisture allows the potatoes to be cooked using less heat, thereby saving electricity. Heat from heat stacks will be recaptured and reused. Skylights light up the whole factory.

Renewable energy will power much of the plant. 50 acres of solar concentrators are to be built behind the plant for energy, and a biomass generator will burn agricultural waste to produce even more energy.

If successful, the plan will be replicated at other sites across the country.

Simmons also blogs at Thoughts on Global Warming.

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