Environmental Pollution and You

Cairo Air PollutionPhoto: ninahale

How you can live green rather than buying your way out

Carbon pollution is the main contributor to environmental destruction today. Every inhabitant of the Earth has a symbiotic relationship with the environment. When inhabitants breed pollution, the environment suffers. When the environment suffers, every inhabitant of the Earth suffers along with it. As a society, all must accept that the only way to combat environmental destruction is to combat pollution through carbon offsetting. The only way to engage in carbon offsetting is by implementing lifestyle changes.

Starting out, you do not have to make drastic changes. The simplest of changes multiplied by millions or even billions of the Earth’s inhabitants can reduce carbon emissions greatly. Switching from paper towels and napkins to cloth is an easy change, and by doing so, less garbage is sent to the landfill. This reduces the amount of fuel used to transport this garbage. Reduced fuel usage results in a smaller carbon footprint.

Pollution reduction may seem like an impossible task, but small changes made over a period can eventually equal big changes. Many other small changes make a huge impact. Think of some changes you can make.