Ad Standards Agency Bans Misleading npower Ad

Energy company npower has had one of its ads banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for misleadingly implying that it provided Wembley stadium with power from renewable sources.

The ad in question was a magazine ad for npower’s green energy brand Juice. The headline read: “npower, the green energy behind concerts at Wembley stadium”. The ad also stated that npower was “powering the arch and stadium with renewable energy”.

The company, it turns out, does not directly power Wembley with renewable energy. RWE npower, the parent company, said that it provided the National Grid with enough renewable energy to power Wembley stadium for up to two years. They argued this was understood by consumers, so the ads were not misleading.

The ASA disagreed, however, saying the distribution and origin of green electricity products is complicated and may not be easily understood by consumers viewing the ads. They believed that a significant number of consumers would mistakenly think that renewable energy was directly provided to Wembley stadium. They decided that the ad should not be shown as it currently is again.

This decision follows an ASA ban on another energy company’s ad earlier this month. Shell had produced an ad that appeared to suggest a significant portion of its CO2 emissions were used for positive purposes, such as growing flowers.

Source: Guardian

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