Beijing Goes Big Brother on the Water Supply

The Chinese government has undertaken new measures to monitor Beijing’s water supply in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics.

waterA Beijing area wastewater treatment plant

The city has promised to protect the water supply and to install cutting-edge surveillance systems to monitor the water. After being promised the Olympics in 2001, Beijing promised it would treat 90% of the nearly 3 million cubic meters of wastewater the city produces each day. It also promised to recycle half of the resulting waste.

The Head of the Water Affairs Bureau, Jiao Zhizhong, said: “Since the late 1990s, Beijing has suffered nine years of successive drought, entering into an obvious state of having scarce water.” Zhizong said that the city plans to install 3,500 electronic surveillance cameras to protect the water supply.

Hu Bo, director of the bureau’s Water Management Department, said: “The water supply network is the lifeline of the city. The surveillance system will allow us to discover and deal with problems more quickly.”

Source: Reuters

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