The World Is Ending; Texas Leads The Way

Tuesday the Environmental Integrity Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization released a report on the carbon emissions of U.S. power plants, and the news is not good.


Leaping UP almost 3 percent, the largest change in a decade, it seems possible that even in this green-aware era, there may be no weaning from fossil fuels until they simply run out.

The report, which breaks down the top culprit by state, notes Texas as the leading contributor to the nationally growing carbon footprint, followed by the booming population centers in Georgia and Arizona. It’s worth noting that the sitting president and Republican nominee are residents of states on that select list, and that Illinois, home of the Democratic frontronner Den. Barack Obama, is also in the top 10 of the fastest growing tonnage of carbon dioxide release.

As we wring our hands about global warming, it’s evident now that the situation is not just upon us, but worsening annually, and being habitually ignored by the most powerful politicians (Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s California are both on the list of dirtiest states, and California is also in the ten fastest expanding), no doubt in the interest of “economic development.”

The full report, which offers state-by-state data as well as suggestions, is available here.