Introducing the Recyclable Plastic Bicycle

Recyclable Bicycle

It’s taken for granted that cycling is a great form of green travel but for a cleaner, greener way to go check out this very cool invention by Matt Clark of Southern California.

Innervision is a recyclable plastic-framed bicycle designed to be mass produced as cheaply as possible and made entirely from recycled materials. It consists of two basic frames, split into two halves, with a triangular structure to stop it over-flexing. An outer frame slots over the top and both halves are then welded together.

Innervision Recyclable Bike

Creator, Matt says:

“This bicycle prototype is aimed at improving and solving multiple issues involved in production. Particular attention was paid to maximize the potential utilization of automated processes and more cost efficient materials, i.e. plastics.

The bicycle consists entirely of reinforced and unreinforced recyclable polypropylene. The patent-pending bicycle features a two component frame: the plastic innerframe and the plastic outer structure, both dual components sets. Ideally, the material would be sourced from recycled plastic sources, i.e. previously used consumer products such as bottles, containers, etc, to reduce environmental impact and to reduce material costs.”

It’s not clear whether this new-age creation would be more environmentally-friendly that an aluminium-framed bike but we’ll certainly be ready and willing testers, cycling shorts a-go-go, when the first one rolls off the production line.